The following horses broke down on American racetracks yesterday. All, most likely dead.

5-year-old mare Actin Lucky, Charles Town race 7 (trainer Henry Worcester IV, owner Worcester Investments)

4-year-old mare Diplomatic Gal, Charles Town race 7 (trainer Walter Shauf, owner Cecil Clugston)

6-year-old mare More Nuggets, Hialeah Park race 3 (trainer/owner Patrick Sanchez)

4-year-old mare Trick the Queen, Laurel Park race 5 (trainer Juan Vazquez, owners Rey Wan Racing and Armando Cosme)

3-year-old gelding Longevity, Oaklawn Park race 3 (trainer John Haran, owner Haran Thoroughbreds)

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

Stolicknaya, Hialeah, race 1 (not vanned but “bloody RF hoof” after “stumbling badly”)
Blonde for Ever, Parx, race 3 (confirmed dead)
Clodhopper, Turf, race 3 (“broke down”)

Practice Squad, Delta, race 2
Devils Afleet, Turf, race 3 (“broke down”)
Shoeless Jackson, Turf, race 9

Casey Lynn, Delta, race 1 (confirmed dead)
Battle Silk, Delta, race 9 (confirmed dead)

Havanadaydream, Calder, race 6 (not vanned but bled)
Holy Waters, Charles Town, race 4
Minister Machine, Los Alamitos, race 1
Slick Invader, Los Alamitos, race 7

Skip the Limit, Charles Town, race 6 (“broke down”)
Trukarma, Fair Grounds, race 3
Flat in Charge, Gulfstream, race 6
Danderek, Santa Anita, race 7 (“vanned off after the winner’s circle picture”)
Golden Archway, Tampa Bay, race 3 (“broke down”)
Lea’s Exchange, Tampa Bay, race 7

Pass the Tap, Aqueduct, race 8
Lady of Athens, Golden Gate, race 4 (not vanned but “bled from nostril”)
Ambassy, Los Alamitos, race 1
Penamaniac, Sunland, race 2
Cute N Famous, Sunland, race 5
Wakati, Sunland, race 9

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

Kuro, Turf, race 2 (“broke down”)
Sevenytwo, Turfway, race 2

Cindykat, Fair Grounds, race 10 (“went wrong early”)

Holy Simone, Delta, race 9
Aunt Meanie, Fair Grounds, race 9 (“broke down”)
Lexis Hero, Parx, race 5 (not vanned but bled, DNF)
Leavin Here, Parx, race 7 (“pulled up in distress”)
Ezinmotion, Portland, race 7 (“went wrong”)
Ben’s Starry Night, Portland, race 10
Trando’s Tremor, Santa Anita, race 4
Time for Alex, Turfway, race 7

Uncle Smokey, Aqueduct, race 7 (confirmed dead)
Beyond Midnight, Laurel, race 7
Shand, Santa Anita, race 8 (“broke down”)
Buckel Bunny, Sunland, race 3 (“returned sore”)

Music and Me, Santa Anita, race 4
Behind the Bossman, Turf, race 2

Sassy Cherokee, Charles Town, race 1 (“broke down”)
Madelyns Itsybitsy, Fair Grounds, race 2 (“in distress after pulling up”)
Classic Ford, Fair Grounds, race 10 (“broke down”)
Shimmering Star, Golden Gate, race 1
Side Street, Gulfstream, race 3 (confirmed dead)
Shinelajollawarrior, Hialeah, race 5 (not vanned but bled)
Chicks Luv Roses, Sunland, race 2

Yankee Romance, Los Alamitos, race 4
Chatterboxsecret, Los Alamitos, race 5
Hye I’m Jack, Santa Anita, race 7
Baran’s Prospect, Tampa Bay, race 3

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

Hey Paulie, Charles Town, race 7 (“broke down”)
Music Appeal, Golden Gate, race 6
Linguini, Hawthorne, race 1 (“fell”)
Sharp Trip, Hawthorne, race 3
Iron Stone Ridge, Penn National, race 7
Angel Above, Sunland, race 9 (“pulled up in distress”)
Pb Sandario Babe, Turf, race 1

Cupid’s Messenger, Calder, race 7 (not vanned but “returned bleeding from the nostrils”)
Poster Girl, Tampa Bay, race 9 (“hit rail”)

Mia Missile, Aqueduct, race 4 (“fell heavily”)
Smoking G, Golden Gate, race 9 (not vanned but bled)
Cartel Tease, Hialeah, race 1 (not vanned but bled)
Sisters Girl, Hialeah, race 2 (not vanned but bled)
I’m Done, Laurel, race 3 (“fell”)
Mad Loot, Los Alamitos, race 2 (not reported as vanned but “collapsed after finish”)
Public Defender, Santa Anita, race 7
Truest Legend, Santa Anita, race 8
Streakish, Sunland, race 3
No Secret Bank, Turf, race 1
Haros Jackpot, Turf, race 8
Thabit, Turfway, race 3 (not reported as vanned but “lame”)

Horse Latitudes, Calder, race 8
Assume Nothing, Mountaineer, race 7
Little Miss, Parx, race 8
Kiss Me G Bye, Portland, race 3
Christians Special, Sunland, race 3 (not vanned but “pulled up in distress”)
My Clever Greely, Turfway, race 9

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

Tommie Two Toes, Beulah, race 8
Lonesome Kitten, Mountaineer, race 5
Silver N Sassy, Turf, race 6

Spring Rocks, Sunland, race 4

Driven by Solar, Aqueduct, race 8 (confirmed dead)
Stored Away, Charles Town, race 3 (“collapsed post race”)
Lil Ms Razorback, Delta, race 5
Impuregold, Portland, race 5
Smart as Jim, Portland, race 9
Delta Court, Turf, race 6

Blossom’s Trail, Aqueduct, race 7
Gone Before Long, Charles Town, race 9 (“ambulance called but broke loose and ran off”)
Second Lion, Delta, race 6 (“fell suddenly”)
Oh Juliet, Delta, race 8 (not vanned but “returned bleeding from the nose”)
Indigo Theft, Evangeline, race 4
A P Eli, Fair Grounds, race 3

Kentmere, Charles Town, race 1 (not vanned but fell and “ran to the catch pen”)
Ide Be Da General, Fair Grounds, race 7
Saint Goldie Locs, Laurel, race 3 (“lame”)
A P Asset, Laurel, race 5 (not vanned but “pulled up lame”)
Daddys Aja, Sunland, race 5 (“fell”)

Fit to Rule, Hollywood, race 9
Big Bad Bertha, Charles Town, race 5 (“broke down”)
Sequoyah Wells, Fair Grounds, race 2
Fitz Perfectly, Fair Grounds, race 4
Stanley Cup, Fair Grounds, race 12 (“broke down”)
Rockinpop, Gulfstream, race 2 (not vanned but bled)
Impregnable, Los Alamitos, race 5
Thisisforudaddy, Tampa Bay, race 2 (“broke down”)

My Moment, Hawthorne, race 1
First Joe Hemp, Hialeah, race 3
Controlableimpulse, Portland, race 6
Show Me the Glory, Sunland, race 7