Yesterday afternoon at Laurel Park (race 9), 6-year-old Blues Heir broke down in her 45th start. Later in the day at Delta Downs (race 3), 2-year-old Andrew’s Rose, running for the first time, “bolted on the turn then stopped badly and returned bleeding.” And in the Charles Town night card (race 4), 3-year-old Mi Cinco D Mayo “was bumped hard…dropped back…and returned bleeding.” This is horseracing.

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

3-year-old Hold the Ransom, Turf, race 9

3-year-old Western Prince (1st start), Zia, race 8

3-year-old Gal About Town (after winning), Churchill, race 8
5-year-old Outlaw Josy, Evangeline, race 9
4-year-old Travel the World, Laurel, race 2 (“lame”)
4-year-old Wish You Had One To, Zia, race 3 (“fell over foe”)

3-year-old Perfectamente, Hollywood, race 8 (“collapsed”)
3-year-old Princess of Pearl, Hollywood, race 8
2-year-old And You Can, Fair Grounds, race 7
2-year-old Power of Eleven, Golden Gate, race 7 (confirmed dead)

3-year-old Fort Humbug, Fair Grounds, race 2
3-year-old Mystical Mark, Golden Gate, race 8 (“pulled up lame after the finish”)
3-year-old Lucky Guess, Penn National, race 9 (2nd consec DNF – 6/28)
3-year-old Unmerited Favor, Remington, race 4 (“pulled up in distress”)

3-year-old Roar for More, Beulah, race 1
7-year-old Silver Spur (51st start), Beulah, race 6
8-year-old Sir Jock (82nd start), Charles Town, race 4 (“broke down”)
2-year-old Modern Day Miracle, Charles Town, race 8
5-year-old Allthatjazz, Evangeline, race 7 (confirmed dead)
3-year-old I Am Revenge, Golden Gate, race 8
6-year-old Member ofthe Tribe, Los Alamitos, race 1
4-year-old Buttertart, Mountaineer, race 5 (“broke down”)
9-year-old Iniquitous Kid (63rd start), Zia, race 7
2-year-old Ask the Ghost Nice (1st start), Zia, race 9

3-year-old Quiet Miracle, Aqueduct, race 9
6-year-old Triplemental, Fair Grounds, race 6
3-year-old Captain Luke, Hawthorne, race 9
4-year-old End of Discussion, Zia, race 8

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

2-year-old As High as the Sky, Beulah, race 1
3-year-old Fatherscountrygirl, Beulah, race 5 (“broke down”)
5-year-old Master Splash, Finger Lakes, race 2 (“in distress”)
6-year-old Mam Bird, Parx, race 6 (“fell”)

5-year-old Brandy’s Big Guy, Aqueduct, race 9
3-year-old G’s Calling, Delta, race 4 (“broke down”)
4-year-old Pleasant Closing, Hawthorne, race 8
5-year-old My Fever, Hawthorne, race 9

3-year-old Sacred Ovation, Hollywood, race 5 (“bleeding from the nostrils”)
3-year-old Orangeyouacutie, Hollywood, race 5
3-year-old Monster Dinner, Charles Town, race 6 (not vanned but “bled”)
7-year-old Hammurabi, Golden Gate, race 6 (“broke down,” unclear on van off)
2-year-old Smokin Deal, Remington, race 1 (“pulled up in distress”)
4-year-old Cat Tail Cutie, Remington, race 3 (“broke down”)

4-year-old M One, Churchill, race 3
3-year-old Heza Tipping Fast, Evangeline, race 5
5-year-old Bo Devil, Retama, race 5

4-year-old Fiftyfour Forever, Aqueduct, race 9
8-year-old Henry the Lover (47th start), Charles Town, race 4
4-year-old Flavored Punch, Charles Town, race 7 (not vanned but “bleeding from nose”)
6-year-old Awesome David, Charles Town, race 9 (“pulled up lame”)
2-year-old Like a Deputy, Delta, race 3 (2nd consec DNF – “shied from whip” on 11/1)
2-year-old Dashing Nic, Evangeline, race 5 (confirmed dead)
2-year-old Jess Spicey (after winning), Evangeline, race 9

6-year-old Rock Solid Charm, Golden Gate, race 9
4-year-old Let’s Get Lucky, Hawthorne, race 6
2-year-old Jagger Br, Los Alamitos, race 9 (“took bad step,” “in distress”)
6-year-old Mufaajy, Portland, race 7 (“went wrong”)
8-year-old Joy of the Lord (60th start), Turf, race 6

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks this weekend.

3-year-old Kentucky Gem, Retama, race 7

5-year-old M P Joe, Aqueduct, race 6
4-year-old Baby Harlow, Charles Town, race 9 (“broke down”)
4-year-old Another Trick, Churchill Downs, race 1 (bled, vanned off)
7-year-old Atthebuzzer (61st start), Delta Downs, race 7 (“broke down”)
4-year-old Red Man Run, Golden Gate, race 2 (“pulled up lame,” vanned off)
2-year-old One Run Runaway, Los Alamitos, race 2
3-year-old National Prayer, Parx, race 9 (confirmed dead)
6-year-old Modern Cowboy, Penn National, race 5
3-year-old Beyond Heat, Retama, race 8
6-year-old Divine Sophia, Thistledown, race 5 (“pulled up lame,” vanned off)
8-year-old Sliden Clyd, Zia, race 1
3-year-old Finishrich for Me, Zia, race 5
2-year-old S S Star, Zia, race 7

5-year-old Eyesablazin, Hollywood Park, race 2
5-year-old She’s All Yours, Hollywood Park, race 9
4-year-old Manly, Gulfstream, race 3
4-year-old Thimble, Los Alamitos, race 2
2-year-old Hezabadamigo, Los Alamitos, race 4
4-year-old Smart Cool Guy, Thistledown, race 8 (“broke down”)

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks this week.

4-year-old Starship Sultry, Gulfstream, race 7 (“broke down”)
3-year-old The Man Himself, Parx, race 9 (confirmed dead)
4-year-old Double Java Girl, Turf Paradise, race 4

6-year-old Made the Cut, Beulah Park, race 5
5-year-old New York Gin, Beulah Park, race 5
4-year-old A Pache Rojo, Turf Paradise, race 4
2-year-old Quick to Hit, Zia, race 1

4-year-old Brown Eyed Nance, Aqueduct, race 8
3-year-old Bird County (after winning), Churchill Downs, race 10
3-year-old Drop On By (after winning), Evangeline, race 7
3-year-old Seeking Suki, Penn National, race 8
8-year-old Anotation, Turf Paradise, race 7

3-year-old Marywiththeblueyes, Aqueduct, race 1
2-year-old Tropic of Artie, Churchill Downs, race 6
3-year-old Prima Zip, Penn National, race 9 (“pulled up lame,” vanned off; also vanned off at Gulfstream in February)