Three Quarter Horses were vanned off at Sunland Park yesterday afternoon after running stakes trials: Mrs James (race 1), Swiss Fame (race 2), and Cartier N Capris (race 6). All three are but two years old. A reminder from equine vet Kraig Kulikowski:

“A two year old horse is the equivalent to a six year old human. Neither species is mentally or physically mature at this age. Asking a six year old human to be exploited as a professional athlete for economic gain would be considered inhumane. Exploiting juvenile horses for economic gain is equally inhumane. They are subject to permanent mental and physical trauma that, in too many cases, is catastrophic and even fatal.”

It’s called animal abuse.

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

6-year-old Believeinyoursong, Beulah, race 8
4-year-old Iron Choo Choo, Turf, race 7
6-year-old Whata Wild Woody, Zia, race 1
4-year-old Foundaflyer, Zia, race 1

3-year-old Dixie Lake, Beulah, race 1 (“broke down”)
7-year-old Lil Dale (46th start), Charles Town, race 7

4-year-old Moonovermanhattan, Charles Town, race 2 (“pulled up lame”)
5-year-old Tame the Lion, Delta, race 8 (“fell suddenly”)
4-year-old Light Kiss, Hawthorne, race 6

2-year-old Lander Road, Charles Town, race 1
3-year-old Mi Cinco D Mayo, Charles Town, race 4 (not vanned but “returned bleeding”)
2-year-old Andrew’s Rose (1st start), Delta, race 3 (not vanned but “returned bleeding”)
6-year-old Blues Heir (45th start), Laurel, race 9 (“broke down”)

3-year-old Rocky Barboa, Hollywood, race 1 (“broke down”)
5-year-old Black Magic Man, Hollywood, race 3
3-year-old E Sveikata, Calder, race 5 (“broke down,” 2 DNFs in last 3 starts)
3-year-old Sterling’s Warrior, Charles Town, race 2 (“broke down”)
2-year-old Derailer, Delta, race 9
5-year-old My Lovers Eyes, Finger Lakes, race 2 (confirmed dead)
4-year-old Winter’s Coming, Gulfstream, race 7
8-year-old Classic Recital, Hawthorne, race 2
4-year-old I Lead U Follow, Los Alamitos, race 2
3-year-old Sky Slider, Sunland, race 8

3-year-old Lrs Last Patriot, Evangeline, race 5 (confirmed dead)
2-year-old Respectful Wishes, Laurel, race 4 (“pulled up lame”)

2-year-old Coco Noir, Hollywood, race 1
3-year-old Cat Five Hurricane, Gulfstream, race 4
5-year-old Brushfirefairytale, Mountaineer, race 1 (not vanned off but “bled”)
4-year-old Full Sail Ahead, Parx, race 2 (confirmed dead)
3-year-old Colour Portrait, Parx, race 4 (confirmed dead)

Yesterday afternoon at Laurel Park (race 9), 6-year-old Blues Heir broke down in her 45th start. Later in the day at Delta Downs (race 3), 2-year-old Andrew’s Rose, running for the first time, “bolted on the turn then stopped badly and returned bleeding.” And in the Charles Town night card (race 4), 3-year-old Mi Cinco D Mayo “was bumped hard…dropped back…and returned bleeding.” This is horseracing.

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

3-year-old Hold the Ransom, Turf, race 9

3-year-old Western Prince (1st start), Zia, race 8

3-year-old Gal About Town (after winning), Churchill, race 8
5-year-old Outlaw Josy, Evangeline, race 9
4-year-old Travel the World, Laurel, race 2 (“lame”)
4-year-old Wish You Had One To, Zia, race 3 (“fell over foe”)

3-year-old Perfectamente, Hollywood, race 8 (“collapsed”)
3-year-old Princess of Pearl, Hollywood, race 8
2-year-old And You Can, Fair Grounds, race 7
2-year-old Power of Eleven, Golden Gate, race 7 (confirmed dead)

3-year-old Fort Humbug, Fair Grounds, race 2
3-year-old Mystical Mark, Golden Gate, race 8 (“pulled up lame after the finish”)
3-year-old Lucky Guess, Penn National, race 9 (2nd consec DNF – 6/28)
3-year-old Unmerited Favor, Remington, race 4 (“pulled up in distress”)

3-year-old Roar for More, Beulah, race 1
7-year-old Silver Spur (51st start), Beulah, race 6
8-year-old Sir Jock (82nd start), Charles Town, race 4 (“broke down”)
2-year-old Modern Day Miracle, Charles Town, race 8
5-year-old Allthatjazz, Evangeline, race 7 (confirmed dead)
3-year-old I Am Revenge, Golden Gate, race 8
6-year-old Member ofthe Tribe, Los Alamitos, race 1
4-year-old Buttertart, Mountaineer, race 5 (“broke down”)
9-year-old Iniquitous Kid (63rd start), Zia, race 7
2-year-old Ask the Ghost Nice (1st start), Zia, race 9

3-year-old Quiet Miracle, Aqueduct, race 9
6-year-old Triplemental, Fair Grounds, race 6
3-year-old Captain Luke, Hawthorne, race 9
4-year-old End of Discussion, Zia, race 8