The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks this week.

2-year-old Mr Rabbits (1st career start), Finger Lakes, race 4 (confirmed dead)
4-year-old Bb Mine, Zia, race 1

5-year-old In God’s Country, Parx, race 8 (broke down)
3-year-old Worthy Note (after winning), Zia, race 12

4-year-old Trick Falls, Albuquerque, race 7
3-year-old Dyker Beach, Churchill Downs, race 7
4-year-old Touch of Revenge, Suffolk Downs, race 3
6-year-old King T C, Thistledown, race 3 (broke down)
3-year-old Double Ought Pyro, Zia, race 2

4-year-old Kititis, Delta Downs, race 1 (not vanned off but “flipped in the gate”)
3-year-old Controlled Chaos, Hawthorne, race 7
2-year-old Deep Bottom, Remington, race 6 (not vanned off but “pulled up in apparent distress”)


The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks this weekend.

6-year-old South West Target, Delta Downs, race 1
3-year-old Business Venture, Golden Gate Fields, race 2
3-year-old Keystone Belle, Mountaineer, race 6 (bled)
4-year-old Despinas Desire, Mountaineer, race 7
6-year-old Ready for Flight, Thistledown, race 7 (broke down)

5-year-old Sin Freno, Calder, race 5 (broke down)
5-year-old Kelyo, Charles Town, race 1
5-year-old My Cousin Eddie, Finger Lakes, race 2
3-year-old Magestick Tomahawk, Finger Lakes, race 3
6-year-old Irish Lady, Finger Lakes, race 7
4-year-old Mikes Fast Dash, Lone Star, race 3 (“went wrong, fell,” DNF)
3-year-old Royal Snoqualimie, Los Alamitos, race 8
11-year-old Meadow Vespers, Thistledown, race 1 (bled)
5-year-old Lucky Leslie, Thistledown, race 3 (“pulled up lame”)
4-year-old Princess Zaneta, Thistledown, race 3 (bled)
4-year-old Mr Corona Blue (after winning), Turf Paradise, race 1
3-year-old Halo’s Iron Loop, Zia, race 9

2-year-old Enhanced (1st career start), Churchill Downs, race 1
6-year-old Music Conductor, Thistledown, race 6
2-year-old Fonzerelli, Zia, race 7


The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks this week.

4-year-old Alert Warrior, Parx, race 2 (“took several bad steps while in apparent distress…ran loose before being captured and was vanned off”)
4-year-old South Beach Queen, Parx, race 9 (“pulled up in apparent distress…and was vanned off”)
5-year-old Mona’s Thunder, Suffolk Downs, race 3
4-year-old Czar Rd, Zia Park, race 1

3-year-old Fruitful Labour, Mountaineer, race 6

7-year-old Toppers Way, Albuquerque, race 6 (“pulled up in distress…and was vanned off”)
3-year-old Patriot’s Jewel, Belmont, race 6
3-year-old Sonic Dancer, Keeneland, race 6 (confirmed dead)
4-year-old Horseshoe Lake, Laurel Park, race 9
10-year-old Castle Pines (84th career start), Portland Meadows, race 8
4-year-old Jamakagoodsense, Remington Park, race 1 (not vanned off but “pulled apparent distress”)
4-year-old Exaltado, Remington Park, race 9 (“broke down leaving far turn, euthanized”)
3-year-old La Guerre, Thistledown, race 1 (not vanned off but “bled”)

3-year-old Lunar Impulse, Delta Downs, race 6
6-year-old Cc Jo Jos Leaving, Lone Star Park, race 1 (not vanned off but “bled”)


Unless otherwise noted, the following horses were “vanned off” American tracks this weekend.

6-year-old Formulaforsuccess, Belmont, race 3
5-year-old Big Bentley, Calder, race 7
4-year-old Capable Native, Charles Town, race 1 (not vanned off but “bleeding from the nose”)
2-year-old Senora Sargento, Indiana Downs, race 5
2-year-old Coffee Dance, Indiana Downs, race 7
3-year-old Dash for Coronas, Lone Star, race 4
4-year-old Proulette (who was an eased DNF in start before this), Penn National, race 7
3-year-old Chiquita Mala, Penn National, race 9
2-year-old Da Belldozer, Remington, race 8
7-year-old She’s a Doll Two, Retama, race 9

7-year-old Monkeyinthemiddle, Delta Downs, race 1
2-year-old Go Go Boots, Hawthorne, race 2
6-year-old It’s My Turn, Keeneland, race 4 (bled and vanned off)
2-year-old Maroma Beach, Los Alamitos, race 4
6-year-old Reel Spinner, Mountaineer, race 4 (not vanned off but “bled,” DNF)
5-year-old Lord Vronsky, Santa Anita, race 4
5-year-old Dixieland Blues, Santa Anita, race 8
3-year-old Twilite Zone, Zia Park, race 3
5-year-old Night Victor, Zia Park, race 12

4-year-old Oklahoma Mule, Albuquerque, race 5 (not vanned off but “pulled up in distress,” DNF)
3-year-old Transplendid, Belmont, race 6
2-year-old Joe the Jet Perry, Los Alamitos, race 1
2-year-old Whos Up, Los Alamitos, race 9
2-year-old Platinum Gold (after winning), Portland Meadows, race 8
4-year-old Twitch (who was a pulled up DNF in start before this), Santa Anita, race 6