The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the following dead racehorses:

2-year-old Silver Tassel “broke down” and was euthanized in the 3rd at Los Alamitos December 3. It was the filly’s very first time under the whip. The Equibase chart, by the way, had her as “vanned off” after “[taking] a bad step.”

Two days later at that same track, another 2-year-old first-time starter, Eagles Fly, “broke down” and was euthanized (race 9). The chart had him as “pulled up in distress” and “vanned off.”

One day after that, in a Quarterhorse race at Los Alamitos, 3-year-old Hara Dasher “fell” in the 2nd and was euthanized. On the chart, it was “injured, vanned off.”

And finally, 4-year-old Democracy Rules was euthanized “inside horse ambulance” after “fracturing both sesamoids” training at Golden Gate December 5.

California, please stop supporting the killing of sentient beings for $2 bets.


Racing truth: There is not a single day on the calendar devoid of maiming and/or destruction. Not a one – not even a slow December Monday. Equibase reports that 3-year-old The Red Baron, under the whip for just the third time, “broke down” in the 8th yesterday at Parx “and was humanely euthanized.” Dead.

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Meanwhile at Zia in New Mexico, a 2-year-old filly named Riveting Rosie was raced for the second time: “pulled up about the quarter pole and vanned off.” Her first race, November 25 at that same track: “reluctant to load, lost contact with the field, was pulled up entering the turn and vanned off.” Raced twice, ambulanced off twice. At two. (Given what I know about Zia, it would not surprise me in the least if she shows up dead on the FOIA documents I will soon request.) This is horseracing.

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Four horses broke down on American tracks yesterday – all, most likely dead.

2-year-old Bayou Banker in the 11th at Fair Grounds

4-year-old Onemoreatwilsons in the 9th at Golden Gate

4-year-old Saratoga Woods in the 4th at Parx

And, 3-year-old Can’thandletheheat (under whip for first time) in the 9th at Mahoning

In reading Equibase’s account of this race, I couldn’t help but imagine some future, considerably more enlightened, society shaking its collective head in utter disbelief, wondering how we, the current one, could have possibly countenanced the whipping, maiming, and killing of animals for gambling:

THRIVING IN CHAOS jumped over CAN’THANDLETHEHEAT when that one broke down…won under brisk handling. HOT PROSPECT jumped over a stricken rival…finished second best. NOT MUCH CAUSE was bumped hard by a loose horse being forced into the rail. RACING TO THE SLEW fell over CAN’THANDLETHEHEAT when that one broke down. BRISTOL’S BROTHER was struck by rival in distress…then colliding with NO MUCH CAUSE along the rail. HEZA TAILWIND was struck hard by CAN’THANDLETHEHEAT. CAN’THANDLETHEHEAT broke down…then struck rivals while rebounding off the dirt causing a chain reaction of collisions. (“Replays,” Sa 12, race 9) – breakdown, :38 mark; slow-motion replay of “brisk handling,” 3:00 mark