From the official race chart (Equibase) for the 1st yesterday afternoon at Aqueduct:

BLOOPER attended the pace just off the inside in hand, had the rider sense something was amiss near the seven-sixteenths and was put to a protective hold being eased back nearing the three-eighths, her tail standing straight upwards, collapsed inwards…falling heavily…the victim of an apparent cardiac event.

SUCCESSFUL SWEEP…dug in under a drive…tragically broke down just outside the eighth pole and was subsequently euthanized.

“something amiss”; “collapsed”; “victim of an apparent cardiac event” – dead.

“dug in under a drive” (count the whacks below); “tragically broke down” – dead.

Successful Sweep was a 4-year-old filly. Her penultimate race was a last-of-10, 24+ back at Aqueduct last month.

Blooper was also four. Wondering if the “weakened” that was used to describe her last finished run (a 6th of 8 at Aqueduct last month) could have also applied to her soon-to-fail pubescent heart. (Note: It’s not clear yet whether Blooper’s death was a “breakdown,” the Gaming Commission’s explanation, or Equibase’s “cardiac event.” – Blooper down at 1:15, Successful Sweep at 1:40; the slow-motion shot of the beating that preceded SS’s death-fall begins around 4:30

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Souper Social was euthanized on the Charles Town track after breaking down in the 5th Saturday. So – this past weekend’s dead-athlete list just got a bit longer.

Also, the NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of 4-year-old Fashion Fund at Belmont December 1. The cause – well, allow the Commission to explain:

“Found down in stall & removed to clinic where filly was diagnosed w/comminuted left femoral & pelvic fractures – euthanized.”

“Found down in stall” – with multiple fractures. Imagine that.

Fashion Fund’s last race was a month prior; she had two November “workouts” after that, most recently eights days before her death. Her “connections” as of her final start (and presumably on the day she was found broken in her stall): (Hall of Fame) trainer Claude McGaughey III, owner Andrew Rosen.

Should anyone care to convey their opinion on this, here is NYRA’s contact page.

Merry Christmas.

The NFL’s Week 15 schedule was played from Saturday to Monday. Not a single player, of course, lost his life. Here is a partial list of the “equine athletes” who were killed during that same three-day stretch:

4-year-old Redneck Lazy in the 4th Saturday at Mahoning (my confirmation).

2-year-old Getting Acquainted in the 1st Saturday at Los Alamitos (Daily Racing Form). (Equibase said she “broke down of her own accord.” Imagine that.)

4-year-old Dreaming of Andy A in the 3rd Sunday at Tampa Bay (Equibase).

6-year-old Lady Now in the 4th Sunday at Los Alamitos (CHRB).

3-year-old Lake Ouachita in the 3rd Monday at Parx (Equibase).

In its 95-year history, the NFL has had one – yes, one – player die during a game. According to my data, roughly 2,000 horses died on U.S. tracks – last year alone.

Sport? Only to the ignorant or delusional.

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The complete Equibase line for Commander Seul’s run in the 10th last night at Delta: “Commander Seul was pulled up into the first turn and euthanized.” How’s that for an obituary? But then again, what more to expect for a 4-year-old (maiden) claimer who had averaged 24 1/2 lengths back in his four previous races.

Also – 3-year-old Little Love, a “faltered, vanned off after the finish” in Aqueduct’s 5th Thursday, is dead – broken leg, euthanized, says the Gaming Commission. Little Love was coming off a nine-month hiatus, reason unknown.

This is horseracing.

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