Short recaps on three of the beautiful, intelligent, sensitive creatures who were killed for gambling in Ohio last year.

The last seven races – the final four claiming, all at racinos paying first through last – in the life of a mare named Love Bunny:

March 11, Mahoning – second-to-last, 20 lengths back
April 17, Mahoning – “pulled up,” DNF
May 20, Thistledown – last, 21+ back
June 26, Thistledown – 9th of 11, 15+ back
August 8, Thistledown – last, 51+ back (“failed to make contact with her field”)
September 5, Thistledown – last, 26 back (“offered little”)
September 19, Thistledown – broke down, dead

Her exploiters: Nancy and Thomas Thornton.

The last five races – all claiming, all at a racino paying first through last – in the life of a gelding named Little Scoot:

May 23, Thistledown – last, 11+ lengths back
June 20, Thistledown – last, 49+ back
July 20, Thistledown – 7th of 10, 11+ back
August 3, Thistledown – second-to-last, 23+ back
August 19, Thistledown – broke down, dead

His exploiters: Jeffrey Radosevich, W.A.R. Racing.

And finally, the FOIA information on a gelding named Whiskey Rebellion:

“Horse was Gr 2/5 lame RF after race 4 [on May 30]. He was sent to test barn as there were multiple claims. Horse became more lame while waiting for new owner. Horse was specialed by request of stewards, then treated with banamine and [illegible]. The horse was then vanned and euthanized.”

“Horse became more lame while waiting for new owner.”

His trainer the day he died: Jeffrey Radosevich (yes, the same as above).

This abuse, cruelty, and destruction ends when, and only when, you – the American public – stops betting on animal races. Gamble if you like, but gamble on things that cannot bleed, cry out in pain – die. Please, for the horses.

(A reminder: Although racino gambling involves those suggested inanimate objects, a portion of every racino bet goes to prop up the largely dying racing industry. So – patronize casinos sans racetracks.)


8-year-old Stardemalion was killed in the 8th yesterday at Portland Meadows. (The chartwriter bizarrely put it thus: “fell approaching the half mile pole, was euthanized and vanned off.” Euthanized, then vanned off? Well how else to get a dead horse off the track?) This was his 47th time under the whip; 16th since last finishing first.

Earlier in the Portland day (race 3), Wanna Be Fierce “stopped badly, collapsed after the wire” and was “vanned off.” No word yet as to whether he is alive or dead, though with a line like that, I think we know the answer.

Please stop betting on horse races.

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3-year-old Uncle Duncan is dead after breaking down in the 4th yesterday at Aqueduct. This from his owner’s (Zilla Racing) Twitter feed: “Heartbreaking: Zilla has had to put down its first racehorse. Uncle Duncan broke his R sesamoid. A bad step when switching leads.” So much wrong, where to begin – “heartbreaking,” “bad step”? Worse, though, are the responses from Zilla’s vacuous followers:

“so sorry for the loss”

“my heart goes out to the Zilla Racing family on this terrible news”

“my sincere condolences”

“so sorry Mike. We’re thinking about you and the partners. Heartbreaking sport sometimes.”

“So sorry! RIP Uncle Duncan”

“My thoughts are with you. Sad.”

“So sorry for your loss. It’s never easy.”

“Tough day. Hang in there.”

“prayers go out to all of you. May God bless you”

“Oh no. I’m so very, very sorry. Run free, Uncle Duncan.”

“sorry to hear that, awful awful news”

“I am so sorry. I have been there. Sad and prayers to all who cared.”

In a word, revolting.

The track, by the way, was wet, sloppy, and shrouded in a thick fog: race replay here (Race Replays, Sunday, race 4). As a matter of fact, when the ensuing two races saw two other horses ambulanced off, Aqueduct decided to shut it down – after, that is, squeezing in one more race.

This is horseracing.

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