8-year-old Cam Dan Kadandy is dead after suffering a “catastrophic injury” – fractured pastern and cannon, says Gaming Commission – in the 3rd at Saratoga Raceway last night. To date, 84 horses have perished on or at NY tracks in 2016.

Also from yesterday, Equibase reports that 3-year-old Exclusive “broke down” in the 6th at Thistledown. “Broke Down,” of course, almost invariably means dead.

Please stop betting on horse races. Lives are at stake. Literally.


3-year-old Core Competency is dead, says the NYS Gaming Commission, after breaking a leg training at Saratoga Monday morning. The pubescent animal had been under the whip once, in a “maiden claiming” (yes, he was “claimed” – sold) September 2 at that same track. Saratoga – “the oldest sports venue in the country” – counts 16 dead racehorses on its 2016 ledger. For shame.


The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the deaths of 4-year-old Indiana Stones and 7-year-old Sgt. Major Ross at Finger Lakes Saturday. The horses were killed in back-to-back races. Also, 3-year-old Bet With Charlie, a “went wrong, vanned off” on the chart Sunday at Churchill Downs, has been confirmed dead (DRF). In addition, over the past two days, three other horses were reported (by Equibase) as “broke down,” which, of course, almost always means dead:

3-year-old Blue Cres in the 1st at Zia Sunday
3-year-old Three’s a Trump in the 2nd at Thistledown yesterday afternoon
7-year-old Dreaming of Bella in the 8th at Mountaineer last night

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This is horseracing.