The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Flynn Bug, a 2-year-old filly who was raced for the first time just two weeks ago, “collapsed and died after breezing” at Belmont Monday – a “cardiovascular collapse,” they’re calling it. Again, two, or the rough equivalent (on the maturation chart) of a human 6-year-old. Defend that.

Also, in its latest Stewards Minutes, Santa Anita reports five – yes, five – dead for the week 10/5-10/11. Identities withheld. Even if we were to accept the Del Mar explanation that some may have been killed at off-site training facilities while being prepared to run at SA, dead on the Santa Anita minutes is dead on the Santa Anita minutes. Those five are theirs.

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The NYS Gaming Commission reports the following dead racehorses:

6-year-old Jade Run, October 15, Finger Lakes – “scheduled to race in the 5th race, found in stall lying down.”

3-year-old Dilly Magilly, October 16, Belmont – “sustained injury breezing, splint applied, ambulanced off, xrays revealed fx both RF sesamoids – euthanized.”

This is horseracing.