According to Equibase, in the 3rd at Indiana Grand eight days ago, Miss Mercken “clipped heels and fell and was vanned off.” We now learn (Racing Commission) that the 5-year-old mare was indeed euthanized. The dead horse’s jockey (Orlando Mojica), by the way, has been suspended 30 days for “careless riding.”

This is horseracing.

Headline in The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday: “‘Carnage from start to finish’: Jockey hospitalised, horse euthanised.” The euthanized horse was Hot ‘N’ Hazy. What caught my eye – beyond the fact that another racehorse has died in horrific fashion, that is – was this from the write-up: “A hush fell over the crowd as fellow jockeys sprinted to Adkins’ side, fearing the worst for the horseman [who will survive].” The dead animal? Nothing, not even a perfunctory moment of silence. Indeed, the remaining eight races went off as if nothing at all had happened. Vile, worldwide.

The 3rd race at Charles Town last night was 2-year-old Supercharged’s very first. It was also his last. His “career,” in total: “Supercharged was bumped and pinched back at the break then picked up the chase outside, rounded the turn about the eight path but was taken up lame in the left hind and was euthanized on the track” (Equibase).

Euthanized in front of the crowd – and then, the festivities continued.

For the dead horse’s people, however, all was not lost: In finishing the race (“lame”), Supercharged “earned” $125 for jockey Keimar Trotman, trainer Crystal Pickett, and owner Jill Daniel. Not much, I know, but enough to grab a bite after a hard day’s work.

This is horseracing.