In each of the past two mornings, a horse has died training at Saratoga Race Course:

3-year-old Mr Jaggers, “injury to RF leg…euthanized”
2-year-old Shirelle, “collapsed and died at 5/8 pole”

The self-styled “oldest sporting venue in the nation” now counts 18 dead horses on the summer. 18 – four over its historical average. If that doesn’t prove that “reform” – “safe racing” – is a lie, I don’t know what will.

The 5th at Thistledown yesterday: “Steel City Brieze was bounced around between horses at the start, pinched a few strides thereafter, clipped heels, fell suffering a catastrophic injury and was euthanized” (Equibase).

“bounced around between horses”

“fell suffering a catastrophic injury”


Steel City Brieze was four; this was her third race (but first in almost a year).

The fall came right after the start (around 2:33 mark on video):

Chief Commander, two, was killed at Saratoga Monday – “lame after breeze, examination revealed injury to pelvis…euthanized” (Gaming Commission). He is the 16th horse killed on those hallowed grounds this summer. NYRA’s “commitment to equine safety” is smoke and mirrors, folks. Horseracing kills – full stop.

The Saratoga 16:

Cloud, Jun 18 – “sustained leg injury breezing”
Apollon, Jul 24 – “cardiovascular collapse” (two years old)
Shiny Copper Penny, Aug 5 – “experienced sudden death”
Brag On Me, Aug 11 – “tibia fracture”
Lady C, Aug 16 – “took a bad step”
First Appeal, Aug 20 – “euthanized [for] severe injuries”
Own the Outcome, Aug 28 – “fracture”
Pot of Hunny, Aug 29 – “fell heavily…euthanized on track”
Perfection, Aug 30 – “suffered a catastrophic injury”
Highly Uncertain, Aug 31 – “colic”
Obsidian Flow, Aug 31 – “[multiple] fractures”
Zunith Moon, Aug 31 – “fractured leg”
Siena’s Ticket, Sep 2 – “severe laminitis”
Samborella, Sep 4 – “took bad steps”
Giuseppe the Great, Sep 5 – “severe laminitis”
Chief Commander, Sep 14 – “lame after breeze – injury to pelvis”