While racing has stopped in New York, they are, apparently, still training them – or at least were as of Sunday. We know because they killed one: 3-year-old Starting Point at Belmont, who, according to the Gaming Commission, “sustained leg injury; subsequent radiographs revealed necessity for euthanasia.” This (still) is horseracing.

I have confirmed (CHRB) that Get Like Me was euthanized after “[going] wrong” in the 6th at Golden Gate yesterday. He was five years old and under the whip for the 40th time. To add insult to kill, he was “For Sale” prior to for about as cheap as it gets in U.S. Racing, $3,200. Get Like Me is the 7th dead horse at Golden Gate this year, 25th at all California tracks. They can’t stop the killing, folks; it’s built into the system.

Yesterday, according to the Equibase charts:

At Penn, Painted Clown “stopped, was eased up in the lane and returned bleeding.” Florida Boys “went lame while returning to the unsaddling area and was vanned off.” Loco Lobo “stopped in the lane and appeared sore upon return.”

At Fair Grounds, Lu Sea “was eased in the stretch and vanned off.” Red River Chase “went wrong near the back of the field late and fell then was vanned off.” Red River Chase, according to a tweet from the chart caller, is in fact dead (“shattered leg”). Same race, separate incident, Floatie “fell passing the wire”; Sarah Ann’s Pointe “fell over a fallen foe [Floatie] just past the wire…vanned off.”

That’s seven injured or dead horses at just two tracks in one day. This is horseracing.