3-year-old Miss Yum Yum was scratched by the track vet just prior to the 6th at Delaware Park Saturday. The reason: She was dead. From the Stewards’ Report:

“Miss Yum Yum was injured in the paddock and was euthanized. The horse ambulance was summoned to the paddock. The four-horse field was allowed to go to the track to get away from the incident to warm up…. Once everyone was in place the riders remounted and loaded in the gate.”

Cancel the rest of the card? Cancel at least that race? Heck, a moment of silence? Please. There is no better illustration of the lie of “sport,” “athlete,” “like members of the family” than this. Shoot-’em-up, drag-’em-off, show goes on – this is horseracing.

One day after the Stakes, Badgerville, says the Gaming Commission, “collapsed and died after breezing three furlongs on the Belmont training track.” That’s “collapsed and died” at the age of three – an equine pubescent. And that, folks, is why we protest. (In addition to the ongoing filming of a major documentary, we did three interviews Saturday: NBC, CBS, Long Island Herald.)