In addition to five horses vet-scratched at Gulfstream yesterday, there were these:

Grace Candy “hit the starting gate”
Tickle My Fancy “hit the starting gate”
Lord Jaxston “hit the starting gate” (finished 33 lengths back)
Chloe’s Toy “hit the starting gate”
Camilla “slammed [one horse] into [another]”
Tovia “was slammed between foes and taken up at the start”

Then, the chart note for 5-year-old Lemon Roses at Sam Houston yesterday: “was hard to load…was used up then stopped…was vanned off after the race.”

And finally, this from the stewards at Santa Anita, Jan 26:

“Trainer Rolando Quinonez met with the stewards pertaining to allegations that he misused a shank and riding crop on a horse under his care. A surveillance video exhibited Mr. Quinonez over-used his riding crop while on his trainee in the shed row. Mr. Quinonez stated he acted out of frustration when his two-year-old trainee was acting unruly.” Ruling: $1,000 fine, “evaluated for anger management.”

This is horseracing.

From the stewards at Golden Gate, Jan 13-16:

Laura Mars, scratched – “unsound”
Moonlightnwine, scratched – “sick”
Govenor’s Party, scratched – “sick”
Autisms World, scratched – “unsound”
Mistical Surprise, scratched – “sick”
Dr Pescado, scratched – “sick”
Damn the Torpedoes, scratched – “sick”
Playing Hardball, scratched – “sick”
Triple E, scratched – “sick”
Dulas, scratched – “sick”
Harmon, scratched – “sick”
Rickenbacher, “claim voided – unsound”
Quiet Charm, scratched – “injured”
Idiot’s Gold, scratched – “injured”
La Primer Estrella, scratched – “sick”
On Vacation, scratched – “sick”
Austrian Navy, scratched – “sick”
Simply Perfect, scratched – “unsound”
Patsy Montana, scratched – “sick”
Midnight Metal, scratched – “sick”

And at Turfway:

Jan 4: Miss Sovelia, “injured in the paddock, scratched”
Jan 11: Call West, “injured in the starting gate, scratched”