“In Nebraska, to get gaming options they want, people are being given something they don’t want – more racing – at a cost of untold millions.” – Associated Press, 6/17/22

Nebraska currently has just two regularly-running commercial tracks – Columbus and Fonner. Columbus finished its “season” Saturday, 12 racedays in all. Fonner wrapped up in May, with 37 days of racing in 2022. There are four other tracks in the state – Lincoln, Horsemen’s, Fair Play, and Atokad – but each of those ran just a single day this year; what’s more, the first three held only one race (Atokad ran but three). Odd, huh? But wait there’s more.

In this clearly depressed (for the racing product, that is) landscape, there are plans for more tracks. How can that be? Well, a 2020 ballot initiative legalized private gambling (Nebraska currently has only five small tribal casinos) – but only at sanctioned racetracks. The upshot for the racing people, salvation, as part of the casino revenue will – instead of being sent back to the state for education, human services, and such – be used to fund purses and, I presume, breeding. In the above-referenced article, a Nebraska racehorse owner put it this way: “Without the casino gaming, I don’t know if we could have survived much longer.” And a 76-year-old fan, speaking at near-empty Fonner, added: “It’s [casino funding] sure not going to hurt anything. Here we are, a Friday afternoon, and there’s hardly anybody here.”

While other states (NY, PA) are beginning to seriously reconsider the wisdom of propping up an archaic, mostly nonviable, and, yes, cruel and deadly industry, Nebraska has regressed, both financially and morally. What a shame.

Last fall, we helped beat back an attempt to bring Thoroughbred racing to Sturbridge, Mass. It was the fifth such try by the racing people since Suffolk Downs shuttered in 2019. As we said at the time, though, this will continue as long as the state maintains the casino-funded “Race Horse Development Fund.” Currently, there is over $20 million just sitting there waiting for the first successful track development, with, of course, a promise of more free money – subsidies, that is – going forward.

The latest town to be targeted is Plymouth. But the good people there, with support from HW, have let their voices be heard – in a resounding fashion. The vote, as you’ll see below, was 88% against. Still, it must be noted, the fight is not yet won there or, obviously, elsewhere in the commonwealth. So we remain vigilant and diligent.

The New York Racing Association’s (NYRA) effort to get a half-billion dollars in state-backed bonds to rebuild Belmont Park has failed, the bill dying yesterday, the final day of the session. To my knowledge, this is the first time NYRA (and NYS racing in general) has lost, at least in any significant way, in the legislature. Good news, indeed.

Senator Robert Jackson and Assemblyperson Linda Rosenthal are the sponsors of legislation that would strip the NY racing industry of $230 million in annual corporate welfare and redirect it where it belongs – education, primarily. (We are part of a broad coalition championing this measure.) The pair wrote an op-ed on the bond bill in the Gotham Gazette Thursday. Here are some excerpts:

“The twice-bankrupt New York Racing Association is back at the State Capitol, cup in hand, asking the state to back $450 million in bonds to rebuild Belmont Park’s perfectly suitable and usually empty racetrack. The bonds would be in addition to the millions of dollars the state already provides to the industry through subsidies and tax exemptions.

“NYRA proposes to dedicate money it receives from video lottery terminals – money that should be going to education – to pay back the debt service on the bonds. Using state subsidies to pay back state-backed debt does not pass the laugh test.

“Preventing the Belmont bonds legislation is the first step in ending New York State’s long-standing corporate welfare to this failing industry. After 10 years of subsidies, NYRA is no closer to self-sufficiency. Enough is enough. It’s time to cut the cord.”

Yesterday, in saying no to the bonds, the legislature has hopefully begun the process of severing that cord entirely.

(full Gotham piece here)

As part of the campaign to end horseracing subsidies in Pennsylvania, I have been asked to compile a list of industry victims over the past five years. I reproduce it here. (If you haven’t already signed our PA change.org petition, please do so now.)

Pennsylvania’s 494 (That We Know About) Dead Racehorses, 2017-2021

White Coco, Jan 2 (2017), Parx
Playmetheblues, Jan 3, Parx
Erase the Deficit, Jan 5, Penn
Water Tower, Jan 6, Parx
Wild Thing, Jan 13, Penn
Discreet Duke, Jan 13, Penn
Uncle Hen, Jan 17, Parx
Northern Mine, Jan 17, Parx
Kinghorn, Jan 18, Penn
Bold Deed, Jan 27, Penn (euthanized Feb 16)
Downhill Dale, Jan 30, Penn
Pin and Win, Jan 31, Parx
Sharp Stick, Feb 1, Penn
Edzactly, Feb 2, Penn
Onelastgoodbyekiss, Feb 3, Penn
Papa Archie, Feb 4, Parx
Crafty Gizmo, Feb 4, Parx
Benanti, Feb 4, Penn
Surfside Chic, Feb 11, Parx
Your Turn, Feb 15, Penn
BCF’s Victory, Feb 17, Parx
Not a Love Song, Feb 18, Parx
Small Boy Jr., Feb 23, Penn
Tribal Journey, Mar 3, Penn
Aleander, Mar 4, Parx
Niigani Coyote, Mar 6, Parx
Ifimlyinimdyin, Mar 13, Penn
It’s a Process, Mar 18, Penn
Miss Anteas, Mar 22, Penn
Hawk Will Never Die, Mar 28, Penn
Oakley, Mar 31, Penn
Evelyn E, Apr 3, Penn
Snap To It A, Apr 9, Harrah’s
Warrior’s Dance, Apr 11, Parx
Bridle Me, Apr 17, Penn
Barker, Apr 19, Parx
Ammo, Apr 27, Penn
I’m the Lucky One, Apr 28, Parx
Belated Gift, Apr 28, Penn
Avalancha, May 1, Parx
Floyd Hanover, May 3, Meadows
Slick William, May 11, Penn
Finding Candy, May 16, Parx
You Know Juneau, May 27, Penn
She’satoughbroad, May 29, Parx
Cali Sue Boo, Jun 3, Penn
Jailhouse Jessica, Jun 6, Pocono
Tsm Money Dragon, Jun 6, Pocono
Tiger Bourbon, Jun 9, Penn
National Trust, Jun 10, Parx
Northern Rail, Jun 13, Parx
Templeton Rye, Jun 16, Penn
Tootsiswild, Jun 18, Penn
Tunnel Beach, Jun 20, Presque Isle
Stone Cross, Jun 27, Presque Isle
Big Otter, Jun 29, Penn
Mo Ebo, Jul 3, Parx
John’s Afleet, Jul 3, Parx
Browneyed Bachelor, Jul 3, Parx
Michael Addison, Jul 3, Presque Isle
Blue Martini, Jul 4, Parx
Trueville, Jul 4, Presque Isle
Adonaki, Jul 22, Parx
Cuadrante, Jul 25, Parx
Strawberry Bomb, Jul 26, Presque Isle
Van Persie, Aug 2, Penn (euthanized several days later)
It Is Back, Aug 2, Penn
Joe Franklin, Aug 3, Parx
Pass the Dice, Aug 8, Parx
Cornerback Sack, Aug 10, Presque Isle
Mc Hottie, Aug 11, Penn (euthanized Aug 14)
Cams Director, Aug 12, Pocono
Like A Prayer, Aug 18, Penn
Maze of Stones, Aug 19, Parx
Unclear, Aug 26, Pocono
Wise Heart, Aug 31, Parx
Darlene’s Vision, Sep 8, Parx
The Schwam, Sep 9, Parx (euthanized Sep 10)
Little Miss Avery, Sep 9, Penn
Combee, Sep 9, Penn
Olivia My Girl, Sep 10, Presque Isle
Clear Status, Sep 15, Penn
Aziah’s Good Girl, Sep 16, Penn (euthanized Sep 21)
Irap, Sep 23, Parx (euthanized Oct 20)
Frisky Business, Sep 26, Penn
Retrade, Sep 27, Presque Isle
Hocus Pocus Cat, Sep 28, Presque Isle
Station Wagon, Oct 1, Parx
Shake Things Up, Oct 2, Parx
Big Gally’s Answer, Oct 23, Parx
Tildeath Do Uspart, Oct 28, Parx
Honest, Oct 28, Parx
Jump Shot Johnny, Oct 31, Penn
Groupthink, Nov 5, Parx
Golden Glint, Nov 5, Parx
Cosmic Destiny, Nov 6, Parx
Harlans Belle, Nov 9, Parx
Friesani, Nov 11, Penn (euthanized Nov 13)
Aspic, Nov 17, Penn
Blu Moon Ace, Nov 22, Penn
Courageous Sadie, Nov 24, Penn
Campeona, Dec 2, Penn
Ransom Day, Dec 6, Penn
Lee’s South, Dec 7, Penn
Platinum Sensation, Dec 15, Penn
Ari’s Turn, Dec 23, Meadows
Creating Mischief, Dec 26, Penn
Lust for Money, Jan 2 (2018), Parx
Papa’s Missile, Jan 10, Penn
Marilyn’s Passion, Jan 25, Penn
My Cotton Jones, Jan 29, Parx
Wind Spirit, Jan 30, Parx
Offlee Charmer, Feb 1, Penn
Fiber Sonic, Feb 2, Penn
My Music, Feb 6, Parx
Jesnik’s Dream, Feb 8, Parx
Glittering Justice, Feb 10, Penn
Running Cat, Feb 13, Penn
A Thousand Dreams, Feb 19, Meadows
Keep Faith, Feb 19, Meadows
Saphira’s Storm, Mar 14, Penn
Southhampton Skye, Mar 17, Parx
Love Rules, Mar 19, Parx
Giles Fair, Mar 24, Parx
Midnight With Luti, Mar 27, Parx
New Road, Apr 3, Parx
Moon’s Melody, Apr 5, Parx
Mookie, Apr 5, Parx
Chief Kitten, Apr 10, Parx
Fancy Is My Name, Apr 11, Penn
Valerie Victoria, Apr 12, Penn
North Ocean, Apr 14, Parx
She’s Spoiled, Apr 18, Parx
Smoke’n Go, Apr 20, Penn
E’normous, Apr 20, Penn
Top Street, May 3, Penn
Derby Day Mermaid, May 11, Presque Isle
Maine Edition, May 14, Penn
Rachel’s Warrior, May 14, Presque Isle
Prime Number, May 14, Presque Isle
Morenita, May 18, Presque Isle
Mile Street, May 24, Presque Isle
Betterbringuragame, May 26, Parx
Karmakaze, May 27, Parx
Hokie Fever, May 31, Penn
Sea Boss, Jun 1, Parx
Good Morning Lou, Jun 2, Penn
Simply Tizway, Jun 4, Parx
El Heroe, Jun 4, Penn
Eight Da Hardway, Jun 5, Parx
Bad Game, Jun 10, Harrah’s
Zinger’s Winner, Jun 11, Pocono
Ripped, Jun 13, Parx
unidentified, Jun 13, Penn
Tea Party Diva, Jun 16, Meadows
Devious Chic, Jun 18, Parx
Battle of Dunkirk, Jun 23, Penn
Captain Pedro, Jul 1, Pocono
Workerbee, Jul 2, Presque Isle
Dig That Mine, Jul 3, Parx
Glitter n’ Jazz, Jul 5, Presque Isle
Blondie Girl, Jul 10, Parx
Sound Values, Jul 19, Parx
El Gran Noel, Jul 19, Penn
Street Heat, Jul 25, Parx
Lucky Lucky Liam, Jul 26, Penn
Citi’s Barometer, Jul 27, Penn
Love Is All, Aug 2, Penn
Smooth Stone, Aug 2, Presque Isle (euthanized Sep 10)
Crimson Secret, Aug 3, Penn
Diamond Don, Aug 15, Penn
Highway Run, Aug 17, Penn
Happy Andyversary, Aug 19, Harrah’s
Mullet Blue Chip, Aug 19, Harrah’s
True to His Word, Aug 20, Penn
Chazelle, Sep 6, Penn
It Behooves Me, Sep 8, Penn
Just a Farmer, Sep 16, Parx
Black Kiko, Sep 20, Penn
El Chavo, Sep 20, Penn
Put It Forward, Oct 5, Penn
Full of Charge, Oct 6, Parx (euthanized Oct 7)
Greed Is Good, Oct 7, Parx
Swell Chap, Oct 10, Meadows
Cute as a Button, Oct 12, Penn
I Like Dreamin, Oct 16, Harrah’s
Any Court Inastorm, Oct 20, Parx
Royal Six Shooter, Oct 25, Penn
E Licious, Oct 26, Penn
Fever Gone, Oct 30, Parx
Navasoda, Nov 9, Penn
Mischievous Star, Nov 9, Penn
Wentzylvania, Nov 12, Parx
Lahaina Lad, Nov 21, Penn
Skylander Boy, Nov 23, Penn
When in Doubt, Nov 30, Penn
Call Me Squirt, Nov 30, Penn
Bird of Trey, Dec 2, Parx
Let Me Sleep On It, Dec 8, Penn
Warrior Lake, Dec 10, Parx
Amanda’s Best, Dec 11, Penn
Lord Jump Start, Dec 14, Parx
Come in Berlin, Dec 15, Penn
Offlee Risque, Dec 27, Penn
Ctimene Sweep, Dec 31, Penn
Matchplay Hanover, Jan 7 (2019), Meadows
She’s a Monster, Jan 7, Parx (euthanized Apr 1)
Londie Lou, Jan 7, Parx
Miss Impazible, Jan 8, Penn
Clarista, Jan 11, Parx
Blame Us All, Jan 12, Penn
Only You, Jan 27, Parx
Macho Brew, Feb 4, Penn
Blaze Star, Feb 9, Parx
Happier You, Feb 18, Parx
Nova Nation, Feb 22, Penn (euthanized in March)
Salem Loop, Feb 25, Parx
Kelly’s Silver, Feb 27, Parx
Red Bomber, Feb 27, Parx
Hay Iris, Feb 28, Penn
Munningsfornothing, Mar 1, Penn (euthanized May 9)
Lily Ain’t Foolin, Mar 2, Parx
Justin K, Mar 4, Penn
R Power Grid, Mar 5, Parx
Promise Blue Chip, Mar 19, Meadows
Dontridetheclutch, Mar 21, Penn
Haitian Hill, Mar 23, Penn
Anodyne, Mar 25, Parx
It’s Show Time, Mar 30, Penn (euthanized Apr 8)
Hail’s Statement, Apr 4, Penn
Real Creel, Apr 11, Penn
Super D, Apr 16, Penn
Silver Witch, Apr 23, Parx
Doublethestyle, Apr 23, Parx
Ugottahaveheart, Apr 27, Penn
High Irish Ibis, Apr 28, Presque Isle
Tighten Up, Apr 30, Parx
Paula’s Dream, Apr 30, Parx
Sumo Power, May 12, Willowdale
Circle Unbroken, May 16, Penn
Conscience, May 20, Parx
Thunder’s Rollin’, May 24, Presque Isle
Rebel Vow, May 27, Parx
No Contingency, May 28, Parx
Two Step Time, May 28, Presque Isle
Altercation, Jun 1, Meadows
Miss Gee’s Love, Jun 1, Parx
A. P. Royal, June 4, Parx
Quizlet, June 6, Penn
Eagle Dance, Jun 6, Penn
Nick’s Rose, Jun 8, Presque Isle
Sweet Lou’s Blues, Jun 12, Harrah’s
Dezzer, Jun 13, Parx
Sugar Boost, Jun 14, Parx
Colonel Dax, Jun 15, Penn
Archies Gal, Jun 20, Penn
Vidarr, Jun 25, Parx
Rove, Jun 29, Parx
Baby Cat, Jun 30, Parx
Daybreaker, Jul 1, Parx
Gerard N Mo, Jul 1, Pocono
Believemejustwatch, Jul 3, Presque Isle
Ella Minnow P, Jul 9, Presque Isle
Respuesta Global, Jul 12, Presque Isle
Amazing Start, Jul 13, Penn
Moonliteonthebeach, Jul 16, Harrah’s
Your All That, Jul 16, Penn
Neverenoughkandi, Jul 18, Penn
Better Made, Jul 21, Presque Isle
Swell, Jul 22, Parx
Yeah Rocky, Jul 22, Parx
Miss Samurai, Jul 22, Penn
Springtime Wind, Jul 25, Presque Isle
He’s Cotton, Jul 27, Parx
Bud Fox, Jul 27, Parx
Irish Jonah, Jul 27, Parx (euthanized Jul 28)
Midnight Poker, Aug 3, Parx
Shanghai Chick, Aug 10, Parx
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Aug 12, Parx
Oh K Funnybone, Aug 13, Parx
Classic Lines, Aug 17, Penn
Irish Lassie, Aug 20, Presque Isle
Pacific Panther, Aug 24, Pocono
Next Ivestment, Aug 26, Presque Isle
Pueblo Libre, Aug 28, Parx
Aptus, Sep 3, Presque Isle
Credo, Sep 10, Parx
Liness of David, Sep 10, Presque Isle
Nyx Warrior, Sep 12, Penn
Tapit in Stilettos, Sep 13, Penn
Bash, Sep 14, Parx
Mystery Witness, Sep 18, Parx
Reiki, Oct 1, Pocono
With Exultation, Oct 3, Presque Isle
Linda Listen, Oct 6, Parx
Trainfourtwentyone, Oct 7, Parx (euthanized Oct 8)
Nimble and Quick, Oct 7, Pocono
Tizprocess, Oct 8, Parx
Butch Cassidy, Oct 8, Parx
Als Alex, Oct 10, Penn
Indy’s Quick Image, Oct 12, Parx (found dead Oct 13)
Elevated, Oct 12, Parx
Salty Caramel, Oct 14, Parx
Got It, Oct 15, Parx
Indian Bucks, Oct 16, Presque Isle
Race Me Home, Oct 20, Parx
Wilderness Gate, Oct 21, Parx
La Bella Pina, Oct 28, Parx
Avaline Hanover, Oct 31, Meadows
Jill Madden, Nov 2, Parx
Motown N, Nov 9, Pocono
Tricky Gamble, Nov 12, Parx
Justenuff Hope, Nov 17, Parx
Ventura Highway, Nov 20, Penn
Chief Bow No Move, Nov 23, Penn
We Did, Nov 25, Parx
Half Ton of Fun, Nov 25, Parx
Baron Barracuda, Nov 26, Penn
Indian Guide, Dec 6, Penn
Singing Solo, Dec 14, Meadows
Emoticon, Dec 17, Parx
Gotta Be Strong, Dec 21, Parx
Ursa, Dec 26, Penn
Astrokeg, Dec 27, Penn
Delta Outlaw, Dec 28, Parx
Iwon’tbedenied, Jan 7 (2020), Parx
Caught by Surprise, Jan 10, Penn
Ebo Strong, Jan 11, Penn
Stella B., Jan 28, Parx
On Thunder Road N, Feb 4, Pocono
Tiki Thomas, Feb 8, Penn
Graveyard Shift, Feb 17, Parx (euthanized Feb 18)
Homeboy, Feb 18, Parx
Better Song, Feb 22, Meadows
Proud Supporter, Feb 24, Parx
Winning the Medal, Feb 29, Parx
Imasuperstar, Mar 2, Parx
Rydell, Mar 2, Parx
Diva Drama, Mar 2, Parx
C C’s Cup of Tea, Mar 6, Parx
Diagonal, Mar 7, Parx (euthanized Mar 12)
Florida Boys, Mar 12, Penn
Play Me a Memory, Mar 18, Parx
Winning Knockout, Mar 23, Penn
Midday Prayer, Mar 24, Parx
Lay It On the Line, Mar 31, Parx
Lay It On the Line, Apr 3, Parx
Mimi and Charley, Apr 3, Parx
Cabot Cove, Apr 16, Penn
Anita Lucky Break, Apr 17, Penn
Harpy Eagle, May 4, Penn
War Bridle, May 8, Parx (euthanized May 12)
Echo Bay, May 10, Penn
Gracias Adios, May 14, Parx
Bronze Star, May 30, Penn
Autobahn Express, Jun 13, Parx
Mr. My Way, Jun 13, Parx
Pajama Tops, Jun 16, Penn
Huntington Drive, Jun 24, Penn
Blissful Breeze, Jun 27, Parx
Bucky Be Lucky, Jun 29, Parx
Zero the Hero, Jul 3, Meadows
Golden Chance, Jul 3, Penn
Micro Margarita, Jul 7, Parx
Dereya, Jul 7, Parx
Fratello Del Nord, Jul 17, Parx
Bourbon Honey, Jul 17, Parx
Telling You Twice, Jul 21, Penn
Weed Wacker, Jul 27, Presque Isle (euthanized Aug 12)
Copper Rain, Jul 29, Pocono
Doctor McSwing, Jul 31, Harrah’s
Trusty Roll, Aug 6, Presque Isle
Can American, Aug 7, Presque Isle
Billy’s Jump Start, Aug 12, Parx
One Honey Bell, Aug 16, Presque Isle
Heraway, Aug 26, Parx
Sir Elton, Aug 27, Parx
Sweet Lullaby, Sep 2, Meadows
Geleta, Sep 2, Parx
Happyandiknowit, Sep 4, Penn
Make ‘Em Smokey, Sep 12, Penn
Anxious, Sep 16, Parx
Won and Done, Sep 19, Parx
Thisonesfordougie, Sep 24, Presque Isle
Natasha Fatale, Sep 29, Parx
Dynamic Dynasty, Oct 5, Parx
Louis the Sixtieth, Oct 7, Parx
Field Reality, Oct 12, Presque Isle
Relentless Albert, Oct 14, Presque Isle
Ms Purlin’s Musket, Oct 20, Parx
Best Bud, Oct 21, Presque Isle
Millies Party Boy, Oct 30, Penn
Tootsie Jones, Nov 6, Parx
Kitty in the Woods, Nov 14, Penn
Barcode, Nov 16, Parx
Bearing Secrets, Nov 23, Parx
Snowy Morning, Dec 4, Penn
Whizzer, Dec 8, Parx
Bioness, Dec 15, Meadows
Trust Fund Girl, Jan 3 (2021), Parx
Credit Cycle, Jan 5, Parx
Private Union, Jan 6, Parx
Rockin Ruth, Jan 8, Penn
Dream’n Demon, Jan 10, Parx
Kiss My Note, Jan 20, Penn
Saucy Don, Jan 25, Parx
Cattys Box, Jan 27, Parx
Jewel’sindian Girl, Feb 3, Penn
Smarty Pi, Feb 5, Parx
Tally Mo, Feb 14, Parx
My Lilly Pad, Mar 10, Penn
unidentified, Mar 13, Parx
unidentified, Mar 13, Parx
Velozes, Mar 20, Parx
Raileegotaholdonme, Mar 24, Meadows
O’Kram, Mar 30, Parx
Chart Caller, Apr 1, Penn
To the Flag, Apr 2, Parx
Fastroadahead, Apr 10, Parx
Skookie, Apr 12, Parx
Moe Trouble, Apr 19, Penn
Our Dixie Blue, Apr 20, Parx
Mr Classical, Apr 21, Parx
Valley of Sin, Apr 25, Pocono
Drosselmagic, Apr 26, Parx
Brandywines Secret, Apr 28, Penn
Tuff Gong, May 1, Parx
Communicator, May 3, Penn
Baffin Bay, May 4, Parx
Adulation, May 9, Parx
Princess Mikayah, May 10, Parx
Runs for Luck, May 11, Parx
Luvinmeiseasy, May 12, Parx
Goggles Paisano, May 13, Meadows
Night Dreamer, May 14, Meadows
Lucky Olivia Rose, May 18, Parx
Call Me Daddy, May 18, Parx
Crazy Cables, May 22, Penn
Lucky Lion, May 29, Parx
Happyascanb, Jun 2, Parx
Babbo Babbo Babbo, Jun 7, Parx
Accomplish, Jun 12, Penn
Woodbury, Jun 15, Parx
Big Cypress, Jun 16, Penn
Baby Bam Bam, Jun 22, Parx
Inclunation, Jun 23, Parx
Fashion Nova, Jun 28, Parx
Baby Bleu Janes, Jun 30, Penn
Freight Train, Jun 30, Penn
Dreamer’s Moon, Jul 2, Parx
Questeq, Jul 2, Parx
Smooth Landing, Jul 8, Parx
Our Claire Bear, Jul 9, Parx
Abaco Dream, Jul 13, Penn
Victoria Belle, Jul 14, Parx
The Minit I See U, Jul 14, Penn
Sexyama, Jul 20, Parx
Victory Chimes, Jul 20, Penn
Kazmania, Jul 28, Penn
Dawn’s Early Light, Jul 29, Penn
Oath of Solitude, Aug 10, Parx
Light Us Up, Aug 13, Presque Isle
Eyes On Me, Aug 27, Penn
Drummer Don, Sep 4, Parx
Psychic Energy, Sep 5, Parx
Midnight Whiskey, Sep 10, Penn
Blitchton Lady, Sep 15, Parx
Miss Makayla, Sep 15, Penn
New Jersey John, Sep 19, Presque Isle
Regal Run, Sep 21, Parx
Silver Dagger, Sep 21, Parx
Forgotten Magic, Sep 22, Parx
Jenna’s Lil Agnes, Oct 9, Parx
Incandescent, Oct 12, Parx
Rock Ridge, Oct 19, Penn
Inspired Gem, Oct 20, Penn
Lord Fairfax, Oct 22, Harrah’s
Sky Queen, Oct 22, Parx
Elucidation, Nov 7, Pennsylvania Hunt Cup
Oakmont Magic, Nov 12, Penn
Sieglinde, Nov 18, Penn
Dirty Bird, Nov 20, Parx
Racehorseinared, Nov 23, Parx
Martini Show, Nov 24, Meadows
K D’s Cat Bird, Nov 29, Parx
Enigmatica, Dec 3, Parx
Topsill Beach, Dec 7, Meadows
Big Daddy Buzz, Dec 8, Parx
Eliana’s Mission, Dec 15, Parx
Go Johnny Go, Dec 19, Parx
Trapped N My Mind, Dec 20, Parx
Honorable Service, Dec 22, Penn
Combat Ribbon, Dec 28, Parx
Four of Swords, Dec 29, Penn