Girlie’s Dream’s first time under the whip came as a 2-year-old on November 3, 2017. The result: second-to-last, 21 lengths back. From there, more of the same:

Nov 24 – second-to-last, 31 back
Dec 9 – last, 17+ back
Jan 12 (2018) – last, 25 back
Jan 27 – second-to-last, 27+ back
Feb 1 – second-to-last, 19 back
Feb 23 – last, 49+ back
Mar 25 – second-to-last, 30+ back
Nov 15 (after an almost eight-month hiatus) – last, 28+ back
Dec 20 – last, 39+ back
Jan 3 (yesterday) – second-to-last, 14+ back

To make matters worse, Girlie’s Dream is being run exclusively in “claiming” races, meaning she has been “For Sale” each and every time out. (Not surprisingly, her “tag” has plummeted from $50,000 in start one to $5,000 yesterday.)

The immediate and obvious villain here is Randi Persaud, GD’s owner throughout and trainer for her first nine races (Aqueduct) (and someone who should be on all tracks’ radar). But there are plenty of other indictments to be had: Joey Martinez, trainer for the most recent two (Penn); officials/stewards at Aqueduct and Penn; GD’s private vet (whoever that may be); NYRA and Pennsylvania regulatory vets; commission officials, etc. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the room – the “horseplayers,” for without bets there would be no races. So, when Girlie’s Dream breaks down or simply turns up missing (use your imaginations), take a good, long look in the mirror.

In the final race at Penn Thursday, the Equibase writer relayed this: “GIRLIE’S DREAM got jostled around a bit at the start and bumped into LADY VOODOO in the process, was hustled into stride but showed no interest in accelerating, was struck eleven times by the whip [jockey, Maicol Inirio]…but was void of speed throughout…” Girlie’s Dream finished 39+ lengths back. But it’s even worse. This was GD’s 10th race – all maiden claiming, all at cheap tracks (Aqueduct, Penn). The previous nine:

last, 28+ lengths back
second-to-last, 30+ lengths back
last, 49+ lengths back
second-to-last, 19 lengths back
second-to-last, 27+ lengths back
last, 25 lengths back
last, 17+ lengths back
second-to-last, 31 lengths back
second-to-last, 21 lengths back

Egregious animal abuse, defined. The primary abuser: trainer/owner Randi Persaud. Not the first I’ve written on this miscreant masquerading as a “horseman”:

“Hear Me Purr Put to the Whip Again”
“The Everyday Abuse You Won’t Hear About on NBC”
“Horses Killed in Consecutive Races at New and Improved Aqueduct”

Animal abuse at Penn, again. From Equibase: “ANNA RAE had a comfortable lead most of the way while cruising in the two and three paths, came up empty at the quarter pole all while being struck by the whip thirty times inside the five sixteenths pole.”

“came up empty all while being struck by the whip thirty times”

Anna Rae is a cheap (she was “For Sale” at $4,000 prior to this race) claimer who was under the whip for the second time in a week. Her exploiters and abusers: trainer, Timothy Kreiser; owner, Chris Brent; jockey, Emilio Flores.

In the most recent Stewards Minutes for Los Alamitos, “one equine death was reported due to racing injuries” for the weekend October 12-October 14. The dead “athlete,” however, was left unidentified.

Then this from the 6th at Belterra September 30. Watch as #3 In My Mind “slams into the rail.” The 2-year-old filly was under the whip for the first time. Although she is said (by Equibase) to have “walked off on her own,” she has not been heard from since.

For the second time in a week, an active racehorse has been felled by “colic without resolution” at Finger Lakes. According to the Gaming Commission, Field Sense, six, was “humanely euthanized” yesterday – a mere six days after he brought up the rear in a $5,000 claiming race at that same track. Owner/trainer, Kevin McCarthy.

I have also confirmed that Lazy Daisy May is indeed dead after “[taking] a bad step, falling” and being “vanned off” at Mountaineer Wednesday. She was seven; ’twas her 51st time under the whip.

Finally, this from Equibase for the 5th at Penn last night: “ARCTIC MIA broke in the air…bore out on the turn while falling back, was put to whip through the lame [sic] despite appearing lame, pulled up shortly after the wire and was vanned off.” “Put to whip despite appearing lame.” Abuser atop, Stephanie Sheroski.

This is horseracing.