More madness from the Minnesota Racing Commission. Monday, the following ruling was issued for an incident at Running Aces (harness): “James Jungquist was the driver of Shes A Live Wire in the 4th race on 8/29/21. Welts were seen by Dr. Taylor when Shes A live Wire was in the test barn. This is Mr. Jungquist’s second welt violation; the penalty is $200 and a 2-day driving suspension.”

The first “welt violation,” by the way, just happened – August 10 (here’s my post). That one involved multiple welts. 19 days later, this animal-abusing scumbag does it again. And all he gets is a tap on the wrist. He should be in jail; he should never be allowed near a horse (or any other animal, for that matter) for the rest of his days.

Minnesota Racing Commission: 651-925-3951.

In Texas: “Raul Ramirez, Jr. misused the whip on his mount ‘Ethics and Favor’ by striking the horse twice while warming up for race 5 at Sam Houston on 8/7/21. Ramirez…failed to appear at a formal hearing and is hereby fined $250 for misuse of the whip [italics added].” Incidentally, Ethics “won” that race, so apparently Ramirez’s method – beat the horse before the start to truly ensure proper focus – works.

This is horseracing.

This morning at Saratoga, America’s Joy fractured a sesamoid while “breezing” and, says the Gaming Commission, “broke [her] neck in the fall.” This one has created quite the buzz because AJ, who was three, sold for $8.2 million as a “yearling.” Said trainer Todd Pletcher to the DRF: “It’s very unfortunate, she was a very talented filly…. We hadn’t had her that long, but she trained impressively and was looking forward to her debut on closing day. That was a tough one.” But of course, it was the horse, not the heavily-invested exploiters, who was looking forward to that debut. This, by the way, marks track kill number 11 at Saratoga this summer (a 12th died in his stall).

Yesterday at Saratoga, Whitmore was “vanned off” after the Grade 1 Forego Stakes. His owner/trainer, Ron Moquett, reports that the injury was not catastrophic and the 8-year-old will be “retired”: “It wouldn’t be career-ending, but for us, at his advanced age, what does he owe us?” Indeed: Whitmore “earned” more than $4.5 million for Moquett et al. over the course of his six-year “career.” Moquett added this caveat, however: “There’s definitely something and he has some inflammation, but sometimes these things show up better in two or three days.” In other words, we’ll see.

Also from Saratoga on Travers Day, this from the 10th (another Grade 1): “Graceful Princess was reluctant to load…dropped back under urging near the nine-sixteenths and faltered, then returned bleeding from the nostrils….”

“reluctant to load…returned bleeding from the nostrils”

If this – horseracing – were a court case and I were the prosecutor, how many times do you suppose I would have rested?

6-year-old Eyes On Me in the 6th at Penn last night: “Eyes On Me suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front in early stretch….” ‘Twas his 37th race.

Also yesterday, in the 2nd at Golden Gate: “Queen Helene pulled up nearing the upper stretch, collapsed…bled profusely out her nostrils and was vanned off.”

This is horseracing.

Wednesday was again an oppressively hot day in the Cincinnati area. But still, the suits at Belterra Park persisted in racing their horses. Here are some of the notes from that day’s charts:

“Predominant trouble loading in the gate…subsequently vanned off after the finish.”

“Europa had an awkward start….”

“Holy Cookie had an awkward start….”

“Abigail Lee broke terrible….”

“Sheza Pop Star had an awkward start….”

“My Ticket had an awkward start….”

“Belton Ave had a troubled start….”

“Sugar Mac…stopped badly in the stretch.”

And finally:

“Forbetterorworse threw a fit in the gate…no chance.”

Cruelty, thy name is horseracing.