From yesterday:

3-year-old Flashfire was “reluctant to load” prior to the 4th at Canterbury, was raced anyway, pulled up in the stretch, and subsequently “vanned off.”

4-year-old Smitten by Kitten was “fractious in the gate” prior to the 10th at Del Mar, was raced anyway, “went wrong” at the 1/2 mile, and subsequently “vanned off.”

Then this: I recently relayed that the wicked Burton Sipp was “temporarily” suspended at Churchill Downs tracks but allowed to continue his decades-long trail of abuse elsewhere, more specifically Mountaineer in West Virginia – which is about as bad as it gets in U.S. racing. One of his victims, I’d noted, finished 27+ lengths back in a race on Aug 23. Last night, Sipp sent that same horse, Mutashabeh, out again: last, 45+ lengths back. But that’s not all. Another Sipp horse I highlighted, Ajzal, was put to the whip again last night too: last, 15 lengths back. And yet another, Pivotal Woman, who was “scratched” Aug 22, was run last Sunday: last, 37 lengths back.

Please pressure the people abetting these crimes:

West Virginia Executive Director Joe Moore: 304-558-2150;
West Virginia Commissioners: phones, emails
Mountaineer Chief Steward Jim O’Brien: 304-387-8371; jim.o’
Mountaineer Investigator Bret Smith: 304-387-8530;
Mountaineer Contact Form; 800-804-0468 (ask for racing office)

Follows are three more clips from equine veterinarian Dr. Kraig Kulikowski’s testimony before the NYS Senate in 2019.

Immaturity: “The Triple Crown is not Little League.”

Slaughter: “I cannot think of a more selfish decision…to make about a horse.”

Repudiation: “[I learned that] I could not be a racetrack veterinarian.”

A ruling at Running Aces (harness) in Minnesota for one Luke Plano: “Mr. Plano did use the whip excessively and other than wrist action, while driving Mandeville in the 8th race on August 28. Mr. Plano is issued a $800 fine.”

The stewards then added: “This is Mr. Plano’s 4th whip violation at Running Aces in 2022. Fortunately there were no marks on Mandeville. Mr. Plano’s use of the whip must change…. Furthermore, Mr. Plano is put on notice that any future whipping violations at Running Aces in 2022 will receive immediate suspension.”

And why did they breathe a huge sigh (“fortunately”) when no marks were found? Because this is what Luke Plano does – repeatedly. A joke, huh? It’s as if they’re saying, you’re a serial animal abuser, but because you didn’t leave a mark this time, we’re going to give you one more chance. But we mean it, just one more chance. Unreal.