Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on Maryland tracks in 2016:

Tsonga, January 1, Laurel 3, “ankle”
Cusabo, January 2, Pimlico training, “condyle”
Minor Heir, January 3, Laurel 2, “sesamoid”
Whiskey Rock (sic perhaps), January 13, Laurel training, “condyle”
Half Wed, January 29, Laurel 4, “sesamoid”
Rock Me Gently, February 12, Laurel 5, “leg”
Carved in Stone, March 4, Laurel training, “leg”
Tiz Stormy, March 7, Laurel training, “pelvis”
Consistency, March 12, Laurel training, “ankle”
Personal Property, March 13, Laurel 9, “slab”
Bruno and Me, March 14, Laurel training, “collapsed”
Automagically, March 26, Laurel 2, “collapsed”
Splitter, April 10, Laurel 5, “condyle”
Heather’s Rose, April 17, Laurel 9, “collapsed”
Air Squadron, May 6, Laurel 6, “sesamoid”
Salsalito, May 7, Laurel 1, “condyle”
Homeboykris, May 21, Pimlico 1, “collapsed”
Pramedya, May 21, Pimlico 4, “ankle”
Out With the Blues, May 28, Pimlico 3, “knee”
Jolity, June 16, Pimlico 7, “slab”
I.E. Flash, August 14, Laurel 2, “ankle”
Daniel Did It, August 26, Timonium 2, “sesamoid”
Bustin to Win, August 26, Timonium 3, “shoulder”
Dannhauser, September 24, Laurel 10, “compound”
Boston Strong, October 14, Laurel 3 (euthanized November 12), “leg”
Cats Serenade, October 16, Laurel 9, “sesamoid”
Pauline’s Pride, October 26, Laurel training, “collapsed”
Bluegrass Lady, October 30, Laurel 3, “pelvis”
U.S.S. Boxer, November 6, Laurel 7, “sesamoid”
Don Jules, November 9, Pimlico training, “ankle”
Arrogant Officer, November 13, Laurel 9 (euthanized November 14), “suspensory”
Maybe Tonight, December 8, Pimlico training, “sesamoid”
Seeking the Sherif, December 20, Laurel training, “ankle”
Tactical Hero, December 23, Laurel 2, “condyle”
Beware the Fury, December 23, Laurel 7, “fetlock”
Just Jack, December 31, Laurel 5, “collapsed”


There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 37 kills on Maryland tracks in 2015 (unless otherwise noted, fatal injuries were leg fractures of one kind or another):

4-year-old Pop Pop Kiss, January 2, Laurel, training
“sudden death”

6-year-old Dual Exhauzt, January 9, Pimlico, training

3-year-old Princess Marcela, January 9, Pimlico, training
“died, 3/16 pole – neurologic”

4-year-old Ear D’Rhythm, January 9, Laurel 7 (died January 10)
chart said “lame, vanned off”; FOIA document says “died” – not euthanized

3-year-old Cattagirl, January 21, Laurel, training

4-year-old Wonderfella, February 14, Laurel 4

3-year-old Cosmic Gold, February 14, Laurel 7

7-year-old Mr. Flexible, March 13, Laurel 7

4-year-old Second Round, March 19, Laurel 9 (euthanized March 23)

6-year-old Eltham, March 21, Laurel 9 (euthanized March 26)

5-year-old Ellies Tattle Tale, April 4, Pimlico 1

7-year-old Cherokee Empire, April 6, Laurel, training

3-year-old My Sweet Ellierose, April 10, Pimlico 5

5-year-old Cyclone Warrior, April 11, Laurel, training

3-year-old Mytrack Marie, April 11, Laurel, training

2-year-old Ms Bricker, April 19, Pimlico, training

3-year-old Tiz B the One, April 23, Pimlico 1

2-year-old Muniz, April 24, Pimlico 3

6-year-old Who Dat Boy, April 25, Pimlico 5

5-year-old Kylie’s Cozy Kid, April 30, Pimlico 4

3-year-old Prayer Cloth, May 5, Laurel, training

4-year-old Yesterday Sings, May 25, Pimlico 1

4-year-old Evelyn’s Colors, July 4, Laurel, training

5-year-old Passionate Concern, August 4, Laurel, training (euthanized August 5)

6-year-old Minescape, August 8, Laurel 2 (euthanized August 11)

4-year-old Hertzalot, August 9, Laurel 8 (euthanized August 12)

5-year-old Sharp Richard, August 14, Laurel 5

3-year-old Storming Sixty, August 21, Laurel, training

5-year-old Lagi Lagi, August 29, Timonium 3

5-year-old Blue Deep, September 12, Laurel, training

5-year-old He’s Not Bluffin, September 13, Laurel 4

3-year-old Great Smile, October 6, Laurel, training

5-year-old Margaret High, October 12, Laurel, training

3-year-old Me Darlin Jackie, October 24, Laurel, training

3-year-old Tygra, November 9, Laurel, training

5-year-old Do It for Fun, November 27, Laurel 4

2-year-old Kind of Silver, December 29, Laurel, training

Also, 4-year-old Miss Woodburn was euthanized at Pimlico on August 4 for an injury sustained at Delaware Park July 21 (race 3).

In addition, 6 still-active horses died on track grounds from what the industry refers to as “non-racing” causes. Here at Horseracing Wrongs, though, they are no less casualties of this sordid business than the ones above.

4-year-old True Cruiser, March 26, Laurel
“chronic [blank]”

6-year-old Avarice, June 1, Laurel

5-year-old Eli’s Gin, July 11, Laurel

3-year-old My Prayer, July 19, Laurel
colic, “died” – not euthanized

6-year-old Dune Dancer, September 20, Laurel

3-year-old Doc’s Hope, December 10, Pimlico

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Through a “Public Information Act” request, I have confirmed the following 38 kills on Maryland tracks in 2014. (Note: The Commission documents did not include any of what the industry refers to as “non-racing” deaths – colic, “barn accidents,” etc. Surely, though, there were several of those, too.)

4-year-old Trick the Queen, January 18, Laurel 5
chart said “broke down”

2-year-old Love Is Enough, January 31, Laurel, training

3-year-old Victory Unveiled, February 1, Laurel, training

5-year-old One to a Royal, February 1, Laurel, training

2-year-old Salt Block, February 6, Laurel 4
chart said “broke down”

3-year-old Marie B, February 20, Laurel, training

5-year-old Giant Indian, February 26, Laurel 7
chart said “broke down”

4-year-old Tropical Treasure, March 5, Laurel, training

6-year-old Bravo Romeo, March 7, Laurel 2
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

4-year-old Spookorific, March 9, Laurel, training

6-year-old Cooper River, March 14, Laurel 3 (euthanized March 29)
chart said “rank, lost rider, fell”

3-year-old Pure Afleet, March 19, Laurel 1 (euthanized March 24)
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

4-year-old Diva On Demand, March 22, Laurel 4
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old No Shenanigans, April 4, Pimlico 5
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old Hudson Ridge, April 6, Pimlico 9
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old Mass Destruction, April 11, Pimlico 4
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

2-year-old Think Money, April 29, Pimlico, training

6-year-old Mad Magic, May 9, Pimlico 1
chart said “broke down”

3-year-old Handsome Harley, May 16, Pimlico 6 (euthanized May 24)
chart said finished fine

4-year-old Der Boss, June 1, Pimlico 2
chart said “broke down”

3-year-old Jump Two, September 5, Laurel, training

5-year-old Boastful Dancer, September 11, Laurel 9
chart said “pulled up lame”

3-year-old Charliesirishpride, September 20, Laurel 2
chart said “collapsed in upper stretch”

4-year-old Tenleytown, October 2, Laurel 7
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

3-year-old Angel of Mercy, October 11, Laurel 8
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

5-year-old Cactus City Road, October 13, Laurel 2
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old Magnificent Moon, October 23, Laurel 4 (euthanized November 14)
chart said “returned lame, vanned off”

3-year-old Springs R Loaded, November 1, Laurel, training

Standardbred Donttellporkies N, November 4, Rosecroft

2-year-old Seeyouinthecountry, November 11, Laurel, training

4-year-old Midnight Music, November 14, Laurel 6
chart said “broke down”

2-year-old Tip It On Back, November 19, Laurel 4
chart said “broke down”

3-year-old Boca Babe, December 4, Laurel 2
chart said “broke down”

4-year-old Born to Sail, December 17, Laurel 3
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

4-year-old Very Potent, December 20, Laurel, training

2-year-old Mo Bagels, December 26, Laurel 8
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old Silent Appeal, December 27, Laurel 4
chart said “pulled up, collapsed”

3-year-old Bonnet Carre, December 27, Laurel 9 (euthanized December 29)
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”