Clearly, I’m no Bob Baffert apologist. That said, he is, in my humble opinion, being scapegoated by the powers that be. In economic and popular decline, under unrelenting pressure from us activists, and receiving unprecedented scrutiny from the media, the U.S. racing industry is desperately looking for something to reverse its current trajectory. And going […]

Last week, I reported on Justourluck taking a horrible – aren’t they all, though? – fall at Belterra. Here it is again: I have been able to confirm (Ohio Racing Commission) that the 3-year-old is indeed dead. Shocking, huh? Anyhow, here is a video posted by breeder/owner Burch Farm. Apparently, this took place right before […]

I have long maintained that drugs in racing is given far too much attention. Yes, the (obviously) nonconsensual drugging and doping of racehorses is a wrong, but it’s only one of many – and not even close to being the worst. For the apologists, it represents an out: All we need do is clean up […]