Blatant Animal Cruelty at Dayton Raceway

This ruling for Brevin Lupton at Dayton Raceway, Oct 19:

“A video was sent to the office of the Ohio Racing Commission which shows Mr. Lupton engaging in an act of cruelty to a horse. After a hearing in the judges office, at which Mr. Lupton appeared along with counsel, Mr. Lupton is fined $1,000 and given a 365-day suspension for engaging in an act of cruelty to a horse and for conduct against the best interest of horse racing. Mr. Lupton has 48 hours to appeal this decision to the OSRC.”

Lupton did appeal, though that was subsequently rendered irrelevant. To its credit, as it did in the Hiteman case, the United States Trotting Association issued its own ruling:

“Your…conduct is evidence of a lack of general fitness and your participation in harness racing is not consistent with the best interest of the sport…. For the above reasons, you are hereby declared ineligible for membership with the USTA.”

So once again, the USTA had to step in and clean up a racing commission’s failure. Meanwhile, I placed a FOIA for the video. Yes, it is hard to watch. (Lupton is the kicker.)

What more is there to say.

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  1. Why can’t they just be decent and unhitch the horse from the sulky? It looks like an obvious case of they want to willfully abuse and torture the horse because they can and because that’s what kind of people they are.

  2. There are so called humans who get perverse pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on those they dominate.
    Finally, someone got this sickening behavior on video.
    I say finally because I believe this is not Lupton’s first time tormenting and kicking a horse!!
    Also, the two who witnessed this brutal scene and just just stood by makes one wonder if this type of abuse is just the norm.
    Certainly kicking horses appears to be rampant in this business with little consequences for those who are caught, not to mention the repeat offenders.

  3. This evidence needs to go to law-enforcement. A fine and suspension is not enough. Everyone in this video is guilty of animal cruelty and just plain subhuman slime.

    Imagine the torture, this poor horse endured and then to be forcefully kicked in the back and side while laying on the ground.

    Lupton’s sidekick lifting the horses leg to try to stimulate and not go into further shock.

    Truly sickening. What a shitty and ineffective way to train a horse.

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