A “Went Bad” Kill at Delaware Saturday

According to the chart for the 3rd at Delaware Saturday, Believe in Lov “went bad, was pulled up, and vanned off.” The chartwriter, as it turns out, was being deceptive. In the just-released Stewards’ Report, we learn that Believe, in fact, “broke down and was euthanized on the track.” She was three years old, and this was her fifth time under the whip – but second in a little over a week. The complicit exploiters from start to finish: breeders/owners Oliver Keithly, Mellissa Perrin-Keithly; trainer Mario Lopez.

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  1. Replay…horse is #6. As soon as the jockey started the frenzy to get to the finish, the legs went. There’s no way that horse could have made it. Sad sad sad. Believe in Lov. She probably never had any after she was railroaded from her mother.

    • I read that Zenyatta’s last foal would be weaned at the age of 5 months. The normal age to wean is 6 months, but how they are weaned is another factor as well.

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