Yes, They Kill Horses in Canada, Too

CTV News (Vancouver) reports that 2-year-old Shadesofriogrande died at Hastings Sep 15 after suffering “blunt-force trauma and blood loss from crashing into the wall.” This, according to the piece, is the 5th confirmed kill at Hastings since Jul 16, illustrating (again) that contrary to what some industry apologists would have us believe, killing racehorses in not a uniquely American thing. The other four deaths as reported by the station:

One Fifty One, Jul 16 – “fell, euthanized”
Lent Me Twenty, Jul 22 – “took fatal fall in paddock”
Memorandum, Jul 30 – “vanned off, euthanized”
Eddie, Aug – “fell during timed workout, never got up”

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  1. Definitely not just an American thing. It was reported that Crystal Caprice “broke down badly” on the first day of the Newmarket races in England. People are into killing horses for sport all around the world, sadly.

  2. Race Horse Death Watch is based in the UK. The list entails the details of the actual race and the info about the horses accident. This includes the barbaric Steeplechase races which are run frequently in that country.

  3. Frank Stronach is an Austrian and Canadian businessman and politician, according to Information readily available on the internet. Belinda Stronach is his daughter.
    According to what I read about Belinda Stronach, SHE HATES HORSES. As you may know, she has control over the gambling businesses connected to horseracing.
    Why would anyone think that horseracing industry PEOPLE would not be just as ruthless in Canada as they are in the United States?

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