More Welts, “Undesirable Marks”

More harness madness…

Meadows, Aug 25: “Jeremy Indof used his whip [on] Annapolis Hanover after crossing the finish line. Mr. Indof is fined $200.”

Hoosier, Sep 1: “While driving Toxic Rock, driver Michael Oosting did welt the horse. Mr. Oosting is fined $200.” And: “The penalty was mitigated because Mr. Oosting was within the IHRC whipping guidelines.”

Running Aces, Sep 3: “Todd Warren did leave undesirable marks on Fox Valley Britzka. This is Mr. Warren’s 1st Violation of this rule in Minnesota in 2023.” Fined $250.

And, of course, under “Minor Penalties”:

Monticello, Aug 30: Fernand Paquet fined $100 for “kicking a horse.”

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  1. You might not want to hear what I’d like to do those people.
    This sadistic abuse of horses must be stopped. The horses can’t call law enforcement for emergency assistance when they are being mistreated, abused, brutalized, doped, overexerted, overworked and assaulted.
    The horses need emergency assistance. Since when do these so-called horsemen care? They don’t care. They know the horses are their silent victims.

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