Horseracing Justice: $500 Fine for “Striking Horse With Pole After Race”

Some of the weekly harness rulings:

Northfield, Aug 6: “Christopher Russo was observed striking a horse with a head pole after race 5. He is hereby fined $1,000 and suspended for 30 days. The penalty will be reduced to a fine of $500 with 15 days suspension if not appealed.”

Northfield, Aug 9: “While driving Leviticus in race 11, Elliott Deaton whipped the horse after the finish. Mr. Deaton is hereby fined $500. The penalty will be reduced to a fine of $300 if not appealed.”

Arden, Aug 13: “Jack Killeen used his whip after the finish while driving Some Bet Yankee in the 9th race. Mr. Killeen is fined $200.”

Incidentally, there were four violations for “Talking on the Race Track”; each garnered a fine of $100. Russo – who, again, struck his horse with a pole after the race – ended up paying only $500. What more can I say?

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  1. Of course this is an everyday occurrence. “We love our horses. They are family.”

  2. These fines and punishments are not severe enough for the animal abuse these creeps inflict on the horses.

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