First Time Under the Whip, Dead at Finger Lakes; Another Kill at Saratoga

In the 8th at Finger Lakes Tuesday, Big Brad Soldier “fell” (replay scrubbed, of course) and, said the chartwriter, was subsequently “vanned off.” In fact, the “van” was simply hauling a dead horse, for, it turns out, Big Brad was euthanized where she lay for a shattered cannon. (Finger Lakes is one of those tracks that is deliberately deceitful.) Big Brad was just three, and this was her very first time under the whip. The complicit: owner/trainer Jeffrey Englehart, breeder Carlo De Thomasi.

Also, the Gaming Commission reports (belatedly) that 4-year-old Winter Son was felled training at Saratoga a week ago today. Complicit: owner/trainer Marcelo Arenas, et al.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Boy it’s been a few weeks since we have heard from the horse-killing Engleharts.
    They don’t disappoint in keeping their status of one of the top horse killers on the NYRA circuit.

  2. Yesterday Finger Lakes 4th race a disaster and rest of races canceled. Oscar Gomez hurt…also John Velaquez at Saratoga a problem at the gate.

  3. The more I read about the whipping and killing of horses, the more I feel like all the horseracing joints should be shut down for good!

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