Morestride Killed at Thistledown Today

The 3rd at Thistledown this afternoon, according to the chartwriter: “Morestride suffered a catastrophic injury just past the furlong marker, fell, and was euthanized.” He was five years old; ’twas his 26th time under the whip.

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  1. Seems like they’re on quite a horse-killing roll…
    *Extra credit to the chartwriter at Thistledown, though. (He) seems to exercise at least a shred of honesty in posting most of this Death Track’s carnage. I’m convinced there’s a shitload of them out there who purposely avoid mentioning the on-track horse injuries and van-offs in their “official” Equibase record.
    Especially since the advent of (the comically-named) HISA.

    • Ironically Patrick and I were just talking about this the other day – lately Ohio has been purposely vague, just a lot of van offs. Shoot, yesterday, I believe they had a van off that wasn’t even in the charts. They had no choice about this one, however, since it was horrific.

      • Oh no! If Thistledown is hiding their carnage, imagine what a full-time equine bloodbath they’re REALLY hosting.
        (I think the worst offenders in this regard might be 1. Oaklawn, and 2. Parx, especially recently. Los Al is right up there, too, but they like to bury theirs in the footnotes — where they think no one can find them.)

  2. He was horse #6…the favored handicapper for this race. I found the replay which was not edited. He was leading the whole time. It was bad, very bad.

  3. With the constant everyday maiming and killing of horses in horse-torturing/racing, it is revolting to see the word “prestigious” used to describe the Ohio Derby held at Thistledown…🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. So, Pat, are you not able to get the true number of deaths in tracks like, say, Thistledown and Oaklawn? Do you get the deaths later on from the Freedom of Information Act?

    I am so sorry to hear about 6 year old Morestride.

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