What “Went Wrong” Looks Like…

3-year-old New York Miracle was a “went wrong, fell, vanned off” in the 5th at Belterra yesterday. No confirmation yet, but…

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  1. This is not the only incident at Belterra this week. Wednesday in race 1, the favorite Toto’sruby slippers was running 1/2 and then started losing ground. The four over the finish..no sign of Toto. They announced she was eased up. You were able to see her far back still on all fours. But who knows??

    • That being eased up and still on all fours could be a sign of bleeding from the lungs for one thing. Who knows is right, Nancy; could be a possible “Missing In Action” horse eventually.

  2. Broke down and violently fell to the ground equals went wrong according to the charts. The deception and treating this as business as usual really is the business model you once pointed out, Patrick. If only the media would accurately report daily what happens on race tracks, the public could finally learn the outcomes for these wonderful animals.

    • I agree. The euphemisms they use, like “went wrong,” tell the public nothing about what really happened and always make it sound like it was some bad decision on the horse’s part. The horse didn’t “go wrong;” he was placed in a dangerous, potentially lethal, situation about which he had no say, by humans who couldn’t care less about his life.

      • Exactly, Teresa. In a world or set of circumstances where people are held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions/misdeeds, these people who abuse horses daily and force them to run at a full gallop until their bones break and their lungs bleed and all of the injuries that are specific to horse racing, these horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing heathens would get their asses kicked severely!!!!! If there was true justice in this world, these horse abusers would not be allowed to continually do this over and over and they certainly would not be funded by government subsidies!

  3. The announcer says “unseating his rider was NEW YORK MIRACLE” as if the horse could have just playfully bucked when in reality, this horse broke down in front and the momentum caused his body to roll in the dirt in a life-threatening wreck. Of course, the jockey went flying through the air and his body slid down the track. The jockey knows what he signed up for; he had a choice. The horse doesn’t have a choice. He was betrayed by his human connections. The horse was forced into this slavery.
    The announcer seems to have enjoyed announcing the carnage/horse unseating his rider, which makes me think this announcer is a real psychopath.

  4. This will take more than a New York miracle to save this beautiful horse. Shut this low class death trap down before more beautiful creatures meet their demise. How can ANYONE watch this crap.and not say adios to horseracing.

  5. Looking at the race, had no idea which horse is going to go down, then spotted the last horse seemed to be having troubles, his head would bob out of sync if you will, on the rail. Then the horse moves more to the outside and then goes down. Now if I can see there is something not right, doesn’t the jockey feel it? Is the horse “changing leads”? Does the jockey signal the horse to change leads? Or does the horse do it on his own? And how in the world does a horse change leads and why? It seems he would trip up changing leads, I don’t get it. Can someone explain it to me? I would appreciate it.

    • There is a lot written about flying lead changes in books, magazines and on the internet. When I was a child, I didn’t really get what was meant by the left lead and the right lead. At some point, I finally got it.
      Horses and ponies have a natural inclination to lead with their front leg on one side with the hind leg of one side to follow when at a canter (English riding term) or lope (Western riding term) as well as the full gallop. The difference in terminology is the speed, slow or fast; canter or lope being slow as in a show, not a race.
      Sometimes horses can be on the left lead in the front and the right lead in the rear and vice versa.
      Horses/ponies usually do what comes natural for them when they are allowed to and do a flying change of lead whenever they feel like it. They do what they are capable of doing, but some horses have a tendency to be more right-handed or left-handed, so to speak. In a show-ring performance, the rider is expected to be able to cue the horse to be on the correct lead for the given set of circumstances in whatever discipline or class they are entered in.
      Racehorses are forced to spend more time running to their left more than anything because of the fact that they race to the left. However, they do change from left lead to right lead and I don’t know for sure if all jockeys give the horses a cue or if some jockeys just wait for the horses to change leads on their own.
      I don’t know if this helps you, but you can always search “lead changes” and/or “flying lead changes” on the internet and be barraged with multiple articles. 👍

  6. I have nothing to ad because the comments were great. A phenomenon I’ve noticed lately is the advertisement of horse racing added to the usual sports, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, etc. Except for the “triple crown,” horse racing has not been much heard of. Methinks these lowlifes may be threatened by the fantastic work of Horse Racingwrongs and are trying to drum up business, as a result.

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