Another Death at Los Alamitos

The CHRB reports that Irondale died at Los Alamitos Friday, no other details released. He was five years old and had been raced 14 times, most recently Jun 24.

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  1. Poor gelding looks like he’d just been a card-filler for California’s “elite” tracks. Once he was sent down to Los Alamitos Horse Hell, he didn’t stand a chance. Still…
    Congratulations to the highly-credible, super-transparent CHRB for bothering to publicly concede another one of Ol’ Doc Allred’s many, many horse kills. (What’s your total up to now, Doc? Five thousand?)

    • Disgusting, and over the weekend that dingbat Todd Shrup on Tvg was praising ol’ Doc to the hills😒 these people have no shame.

  2. To those of you on this site that know a lot more about racing than I do, is there a heat limit for running horses? I cannot believe that with the crippling heat in the Western and Southern United States, that racing would be allowed to go on. It’s hot enough here in the east.

    • I know the tracks where I used to be called it when the heat got into the mid- high 90s.
      But there were a lot of times I felt they should have called it but didn’t.
      I used to work with a trainer for my saddle horses that wouldn’t even hold lessons or training when it got into the low 90s, and it’s not like our horses were running full out, in fact, most of the time they weren’t going past a canter!

    • Teresa, that’s a great question! Although it has been extremely to unbearably hot, in my opinion, where I live in the Pacific Northwest, it has been cooler in Cypress, California where the Los Alamitos Race Course is located. It has gotten up to 102°F where I live but has been mostly in the high 90s for several days; it has cooled down a little today but will get back up to high 90s and triple digits in a few days.

      The temperatures in Cypress, California according to were in the 70s for the last two weeks. Sunday, July 9th, it was 75°F and starting yesterday and for this week, the high temperatures are in the low to mid 80s, except for one day will be 88°F this week.
      So, there won’t be any calling off the races at Los Alamitos Race Course unless there is a drastic change such as a thunderstorm and flash fooding that is not showing on the weather chart.

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