“Fatal Injury, Euthanized on Track” at Charles Town Last Night

The full chart note for Buttoned Up in the 3rd at Charles Town last night: “set the early pace inside but suffered a fatal injury into the first turn and had to be euthanized on the track.” And that’s that – just another “athlete” perishing on the field of play. Buttoned Up was four, and this was his 16th time under the whip. The complicit: breeder Colts Neck Stables, owner Built Wright Stables, trainer Norman Cash.

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  1. Go figure, Norm Cash. The guy that was made famous last year for running Beverly Park into the ground. Even racing folks thought it was too rough. He also is notorious for toting his horse’s all over the place, from state to state. I can only imagine how miserable his horses are.

    • Watched replay. #1 horse Buttoned Up was leading. The rider fell off and horse bumped the one next to him trying to jockey into a better spot. Buttoned still on all fours. I have an untrained eye but wondering if they just euthanized this horse without at least a try at saving him?..or if he broke something and then the jockey lost his balance?

      • Nancy, I didn’t see the video but I’m guessing the horse suffered a broke bone and the jockey lost his balance and fell off.
        If the horseracing industry showed the video replays over and over and discussed what went wrong at length the way they do in football, it would not be as easy to hide the egregious cruelty to the horses and the killings of racehorses.

      • Good questions, Nancy. But as we know, the truth is elusive in this business. We will never know. Buttoned Up is just one more dead horse to be disposed of.
        And Marie, time for a little taste of “misery” for Mr. Norm himself. Transporting horses is hard on them and then add the stress of racing…
        These poor horses are just disposable commodities.

  2. What makes these killings so much more heartbreaking is that these horses try so hard for owners that disregard and dump them. They run and risk injury for owners that don’t care if they live or die.

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