Fire Stel Confirmed Dead at Los Alamitos

As expected, Fire Stel, a “fell, vanned off” in the 6th at Los Alamitos yesterday, is dead, as confirmed by the CHRB. He was three years old; ’twas his 11th time under the whip.

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  1. Patrick, is it possible for you to write more about the tragedies of harness racing?

    • I do of course cover the cruelties of harness racing, Joyce. But there are less harness tracks and, for that and other reasons, less Standardbreds dying. But rest assured, it is part of my daily research.

  2. Is this the same horse that jumped the rail and fence at los alamitos during a race into the crowd where picknic tables are breaking both his front legs and smashing his head into the concrete until the Veterinarian got there(5 minutes later) to put the horse out of his misery?

    • FIRE STEL was interfered with by another horse. He was bumped at the start, crowded, clipped heels, fell and vanned off. SPECIAL LEAPOFFAITH was disqualified and unplaced for interference of FIRE STEL. [Equibase chart, Los Alamitos, Race #6, June 25, 2023]

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