3-Year-Old Fly Wicked Eagle Dead at Cal Expo

The CHRB reports that Fly Wicked Eagle perished at Cal Expo Thursday – no details released. He was three years old and was last raced at Golden Gate Jun 2.

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  1. Another precious horse perished? How can we let another day of horseracing take place? we must end this horrible racket of horseracing as soon as possible!

  2. The horse just perished? And they have not a clue?

    Curious to hear if they find drugs in this poor horses system.

    A three year old just does not perish.

    The racing industry murderers horses daily!

    • I’m surprised that the CHRB admitted to the death of FLY WICKED EAGLE, but I’m not surprised that they didn’t disclose any details as to what happened or how it happened.
      Whatever happened to cause this horse’s death had to have been something that was impossible to hide under the circumstances, in my opinion. Otherwise, they could have swept the death under the rug and this horse would be one of those horses listed under the Missing In Action category.

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