Belmont: Break. Break Again. Dead.

On Jun 17, says the Gaming Commission, 6-year-old Gagliano suffered a fracture training at Belmont. Then this, today: “euthanized after refracturing.” Two breaks in a week. That poor girl. For Belmont, this is kill #20 on the year, and #208 since Jan ’19. But to hear NYRA tell it, their safety standards are the envy of the nation.

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  1. Her last race on June 1, 2023 was a real shit-show, but GAGLIANO was not the one who got the worst of it at that time.
    (CHAYSENBRYN was euthanized on the track as a consequence of being injured in the same race.)
    The people who can do this day after day are rotten to the core. How many people can see a horse get fatally injured during a race and then continue to subject their own horses to the same ABUSE and CRUELTY that caused other horses to be INJURED and KILLED? How many people are in horseracing who have been doing this for years?!

  2. How can these people be so filthy stinking stupid as to run a horse with a fracture? How can they say that the horse’s fracture was refractured only six days later? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Don’t these idiots know that a horse with a fracture should not be forced to “train”??? These idiots don’t deserve to live.

      • Yes, you are correct, Alan. Many of the details of what happened and how it happened were left out. I did assume that she was being forced to train and after I blew my top, I realized that maybe she was being confined to a stall at Belmont Park and refractured whatever bone was broken by just moving around in her stall as a horse would do. What made her connections keep her at Belmont Park with a broken bone, knowing she could not race or train in that painful and disabling condition anyway?
        Was it that the trainer did not want to lose that stall space? Was it that the trainer enjoyed knowing that the mare was suffering and he got some sadistic thrill out of knowing she was suffering more pain and torture than usual???

        • from the NYSGM Equine Breakdown, Death, Injury and Incident Database: “H: Gagliano(Tr; Oscar Barrera III), horse on 6/17/2023 sustained an injury while galloping on TT. Euthanized after refracturing and causing more severe injury.” (TT = training track)

          Are you familiar with what happened to Ruffian? I would guess something similar happened to Gagliano – sustained the fracture while training, probably had surgery to repair it (at Cornell Ruffian Equine Hospital, which is basically at Belmont Park), then rebroke either that bone, or another, either while waking up from anesthesia, or while in her stall soon afterwards, and was then euthanized. Or, maybe she didn’t even make it to surgery (which is not always done immediately, I don’t know why, I’m not a vet), and injured herself more severely while awaiting surgery? As for her remaining at Belmont Park, perhaps it was not safe for her to be moved? Do you want her in a horse van, on the road, with a fractured/recently repaired leg? Getting her from the track, back to her barn is bad enough, but on the road, possibly for hours, to a clinic or layup farm?

  3. This shit is what the people of New York State are paying $230 (+?) MILLION in Video Lottery Terminal payments to keep propped up.

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