Another Kill at Belmont

Stencil, says the Gaming Commission, was euthanized at Belmont yesterday “after developing laminitis in both hind feet.” She was five years old and had been raced 11 times, most recently Jun 5. Immediately prior to that race (in which, by the way, Stencil finished last, 27+ lengths back), she was also sold – one final exploiter in her short, miserable life.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Sold/traded, confined, drugged, Whipped, overworked, suffering painful digestive tract ulcers, many with intestinal parasites and then ending in death either in the dirt or bled out at the slaughter houses. All this before or at reaching maturity. This is what horses are forced to endure in the subculture of the racing world – a world where cruelty is the norm.
    These people have gotten away with too much for far too long. This needs to end!!!!

    • Well said, Rose. The daily pain and suffering each and every horse endures, whether they break down and are killed, or are forced to suffer the physical and mental abuse day after endless day….it’s unthinkable that this kind of cruelty is allowed to go on.

  2. Stencil last raced June 05, 2022 and was claimed for $12,500..Read the pp”s. The horse was having problems. Keep your eyes on the trainers. Always thought Navarro was too good to be true..

    • So did the majority of the racing public. They all know who the druggies and cheaters are- yet those cheaters are enabled and REWARDED by the racing world (or even placed into the racing halls of fame). It’s the definition of insanity- keep doing the same thing and hoping for different results. That’s why- for the life of me- I have no idea why people even continue to use horse racing as a betting option. The cheating is so rampant it’s pathetic, but sadly it’s the horses who pay.

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