Video of a Nasty Fall at Mountaineer

Follows is 4-year-old Another Flirt going down at Mountaineer last night. According to the always-trustworthy announcer (that’s sarcasm), Another seemed okay. I, of course, have my doubts, especially given the video. (We will know for sure with the FOIA.) But even if she survived, imagine how she felt as she went down, the fear – the terror.

On another note, in her previous two races – at Parx in October, Mountaineer last month – Another finished a combined 66 lengths back, and in that October race a “claim” (sale) of Another was voided for an undisclosed reason. That said, this particular fall appears to be a product of anxious horses running (by force) at a breakneck speed in close quarters.

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  1. Squashed together with the other horses in contention. Jockey wannabees with no brains to avoid an accident. Time and time again catastrophic mistakes.

  2. There should have been an inquiry and a claim of foul against some of those jockeys. Of course, the forcing of horses to perform as though they were machines should be banned completely.
    If something like that happened in a race being televised on NBC Sports, there would have been an inquiry and then some.

    • Mountaineer still.reporting the horse is uninjured. The jockey was injured however. Because it took so long for an ambulance to help the fallen jockey, the jockeys scheduled for last night refused to ride and all races ended up canceled. This is info from the PR.

      • I don’t necessarily believe much of anything they say at Mountaineer unless you can see obvious evidence.
        The jockeys refusing to ride is something you can see evidence of, but whether the horse in question is okay or not is another matter. Without being there first hand, I don’t want to take their word for it at Mountaineer. They have too much to hide as it is.
        The report of the jockeys refusing to ride one night is a consolation of sorts because even though they are focusing on the jockeys (who have a choice), not the horses, the horses (who don’t have a choice) can benefit in some small way for at least one night.

        • Wanda, I totally agree but Paulick Report saying it. We’ll just have to see. The jockeys refusing cost them mega dollars so good. And you should be very happy everyone thinks your opinions are spot on!!

  3. Any update on the horse? Hope she’s ok. Was watching when it happened it is sad when a horse goes down.

    • Sad??
      More like gut wrenchingly horrific.
      I’m with Patrick, I don’t think this horse is ok.
      She looked like she limped off.
      The owner and trainer were too busy with their other horse that won, and kept glancing towards this horse, until one of them finally decided to stroll that way to maybe check on it. Such heartwarming concern.

      • Knowing that the horses in horse racing don’t have a choice and that they are expendable, it seems like the jockeys at Mountaineer (who do have a choice) are thought of as not much more important than the horses in regards to providing immediate medical attention, at least in this case.
        If they are not providing an immediate response to an injured jockey, how much more could they not care about what happens to the expendable horses who have no choice and no rights…?!

  4. I have been so upset with this poor horse who was squeezed until she fell. Can’t tell me the jockeys have no control, any horse that placed that squeezed Another Flirt out should be fined and to lose their placing. If this was my horse there would be hell to pay. Please find a new home for this horse. Please people do something to stop this, worse race I have ever seen. Horse and jockey should be awarded first place and horse retired to people who actually care.

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