King’s House, Another Poor Horse Being Run Into the Ground

The cruel saga of 12-year-old King’s House is scheduled to continue tonight. Since I last reported on King’s in March, he has been raced five times – for a “career” total of 116. Not coincidentally, King’s has been raced exclusively at subsidized tracks for years now – the vast majority of the time in PA. That massive infusion of casino cash not only keeps these tracks afloat, but also allows them to pay first-last. So it doesn’t matter where King’s finishes, his cruel, abusive exploiter, Jose Gonzalez-Milian, will always cash in.

As with Laddie Boy, King’s, who is entered in the 7th at Penn tonight (8:55), needs us:

PA Racing Commission’s “Integrity Hotline”: 717-787-1942
PA Racing Commission: 717-787-5196;
Penn National: 717-469-2211

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  1. Called and left message at PA Racing Commission’s “Integrity Hotline”: 717-787-1942

    • Called all three numbers. “We’ll look into it” kind of answer. Got the steward’s office. I did state the facts of his age and the number of times he’s raced and I hope that it will have some effect. Told them that he’s racing tonight at 8:55 and please take him off the roster completely. Said it was cruel and at this age they know he stands a greater risk of fatal injury.
      Hope it has SOME effect. Very sad situation. Thanks, Pat. You are their mouthpiece.

  2. Sent email to PA Racing Commission requesting they see fit to stop the exploitation of King’s House.

  3. I will keep King’s House in my thoughts and prayers, hoping a twist of fate will bring him luck in the near future and provide him a soft landing.

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