Auntie Mimi Becomes 13th Kill at Santa Anita This Year

The CHRB reports that Auntie Mimi was killed (“musculoskeletal,” for now) while training at Santa Anita yesterday. Auntie was four years old and was coming off a year of inactivity (her first and only race was a year ago May). She becomes the 13th victim at SA this year.

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  1. For the CHRB to report this death, the injuries had to have been really horrific. Otherwise, they would have vanned her off the track and she would be among the hundreds, if not thousands, of Missing In Action horses.

    • You beat me to it, Wanda. I was thinking the exact same thing. She probably fell hard and suffered multiple-limb involvement in the trauma — possibly her exercise rider was injured in the process. But no way would the Stronachs and the highly-credible, super-transparent CHRB have conceded her killing if she was just pulled up with a “basic” run-of-the-mill broken leg; those occasions are reserved specifically for the CHRB’s biggest and best Horse Fatalities Reporting Loophole.
      (How else could they have made their Death Tracks soooo much “safer” than all others?)

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