Media: Please Cover All Industry Kills

A world away from Churchill Downs and the now-familiar names of that track’s recent victims, yet another horse died at a decidedly less-glamourous venue and no one seems to care. According to the chart for the 1st at Mountaineer last night, Trinni Summer “took a bad step” and was subsequently euthanized on the track. He was just five years old.

Killing multiple horses every day – this is horseracing.

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  1. Absolutely!
    The public has the right to know.
    It is in the public interest.

  2. The media and HISA should take note of how this poor horse’s jockey rides. I have been watching his rides for awhile now, and he is brutal. He will flog his horses even when they are double digit lengths ahead with no other horses around. He also does not do gentle taps, they are full force overhead swings, and he will do multiple hits in succession. I would guess he was beating this poor horse as it was breaking down. I’m guessing that’s also why he is a leading rider in the area- the trainers like the fact that he beats the hell out of their horses.

    • Thank you for that information, Marie. Trainers who want jockeys to be as sadistic and cruel with the whip as much as possible are part of why this horse-torturing form of “entertainment” needs to be banned. The sadism in this industry should be punished, not rewarded.

  3. Absolutely! I wish there could be a daily list that the general public would see. These poor unrecognized horses break my heart.

  4. On the final evening of racing season here all the horses who are no longer lucrative or deemed valuable to their owners are quietly loaded onto a trailer and shipped to slaughter where they will face a torturous demise. How many race fans are aware of that dirty little secret? Nothing is being exposed at the lower level tracks. The dark side of the thoroughbred industry extends well beyond breakdowns. Often that’s not the worst of it for these horses. Euthanization is merciful in contrast to death in a slaughter house or starvation and neglect in a bad rescue, remember Dr Drip. I suggest every facet of abuse related to this industry be covered if you really want change.

    • I know of one killbuyer in particular who doesn’t want animals to have rights. If anything changed to make it more difficult for him to make a living buying horses at killer price and selling them to the meatpackers, what would he do for a living? I mean he obviously can do something else, but he’s been collecting horses and keeping them in his feedlot until he gets enough horses of whatever type to fill a contract. He then ships them out when he gets a truckload of horses that can fill that particular contract with the meatpackers. It’s one of the most dreadful things in the equine industry.

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