Details on Freezing Point; A Downed Horse at Harrington

Freezing Point was killed at Churchill May 6, Derby Day. Here are the details from the Racing Commission: “This colt pulled up with an injury to his left forelimb. The colt was sedated, a Kimzey splint applied, and [he] was loaded onto the horse ambulance. After consultation between the private vet, the trainer, and the owner, the horse was euthanized – [multiple] fractures, complete ligament rupture, [multiple] tendon tears.”

Also, the following happened at Harrington yesterday. Unbelievably (or not), with both horse and driver lying prone in the dirt, the race continued. Even the apologists were outraged. Ed DeRosa of Horse Racing Nation: “This is disgusting. How am I supposed to say we care about the animal when this is going on. Reprehensible.” I won’t know the fate of the horse, 6-year-old Tru Lou, until my FOIA.

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  1. People these are Angels (horses) who fought wars with us,and plowed our fields so we can eat. END it NOW!

  2. Right, Ed DeRosa, how are you supposed to say you and the racing industry people care about the animal when this is going on. (?) Great question!

    IF this is what you call caring about the horses, I would hate to see what it would look like if all of you and your horse-loving family in the racing industry stopped pretending. But in a way, not, because it would be evidence in a court of law if y’all told the truth all the time.

    • I don’t for a second think he cares….he’s just so determined to keep thoroughbred racing continuing because he’s done NOTHING with his life,he got into this sleazy racket because he probably grew up around saratoga.He only said that in a desperate attempt to try and make the evil they do to thoroughbreds look less clusterf**k.Ed Degrosso….is only looking out for hillbilly (ky) living Ed. He wouldn’t want to have to go out and get a REAL job. That would take work.

      • Bonnie, it’s like that saying, “With friends like that who needs enemies?” In this case, human-horse instead of human-human.
        It’s so tragic that the horse, TRU LOU, in the video was catastrophically injured and most likely dead now. But Ed DeRosa blurting out the question “…How am I supposed to say that we care about the animal when this is going on….” is priceless. Their cover up is definitely unraveling.

  3. The most horrific breakdown this year was No Chin Todd’s Bo Derek’s horse…when both front legs were completely sawed off,and she did hardest total faceplant I’ve EVER seen. Why didn’t Ed Degrosso say anything about that? Because he wants to keep his little pathetic non real job at horseracingnation 🤮

    • FORTE would have been catastrophically injured in the Derby if Pletcher and Repole would have been allowed to have their way, but someone did their job by not letting them run him.

        • I read that FORTE will be running in the Belmont Stakes, BUT there’s this horrendous Bad Air Quality problem in NYC now due to Canadian wildfire smoke (as I am sure many people are aware of who DON’T live in the Northeastern part of the USA).
          I wonder if they will cancel the race card at Belmont because of the BAD Air Quality or not…?
          In previous years, there have been episodes of Bad Air Quality due to wildfire smoke that have lasted for weeks where I live in the Pacific Northwest.

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