Photo of Havnameltdown

A photo of Havnameltdown after breaking down at Pimlico May 20 (Preakness Day). He was just three years old. That poor, poor baby.

And, again, as it happened:

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  1. I clicked on the video of the horse breaking the ankle on the turn. Just one question. what do you imagine the horse is one to NOT FEEL the pain?

    • Barry, do you mean what drugs did that barbaric buffoon trainer inject into this horse, HAVNAMELTDOWN, in order for this horse to “NOT FEEL the pain” of his pre-race injuries (from previous races and trainings and workouts) so that the barbaric buffoon trainer could force HAVNAMELTDOWN to run in this race only to finally breakdown catastrophically?

    • Think he meant “on” as in what pain-killing drugs Havnameltdown was given prior to this Death Race. (Though not sure why he thinks the mangling of this poor horse was somehow pain-free.)

  2. Another beautiful creature doomed because of the life the connections choose. And how can these people stand and sit around seeing this and still not give it up??

  3. “That horse”, as Bob the “trainer” kept calling him. He couldn’t even remember Havnameltdown’s name.

    • I think this is how those Hall of Fame/SHAME trainers think: Who gives a s*** about a horse that can’t win races????
      Bob Baffert and his kind don’t really care about the horses that much to begin with. It’s all about winning races at the expense of the horses’ lives and welfare/ well-being.
      In this gambling racket, you only need to know the names of the horses available to make bets on and HAVNAMELTDOWN obviously won’t be “available to bet on” anymore.
      (That scumbag trainer…)

  4. This has to stop! Why don’t people see what is happening to these beautiful equines

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