From “Injured, Vanned Off” to Pneumonia, Dead – 16th Kill at Belmont

A week ago yesterday, Impazible Donna “suffered an injury to her left rear leg and was subsequently vanned off” in a race at Belmont. A chart note that almost always ends in death, especially in NY. But she didn’t surface on the Gaming Commission database. Until today. According to the “report,” Impazible was euthanized yesterday for a “respiratory injury,” which they then explained was pneumonia.

The industry will classify this as “non-racing.” Not that it matters, of course, for all deaths within racing are by racing, but on this one, I’d bet the house that there’s a direct line between the injury (that, I remind, required an ambulance) and the immediate cause of death, pneumonia. In other words, this is but another pathetic attempt to deflect and distract. Impazible was six years old. This is the 16th (confirmed) kill at Belmont this year.

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  1. Did she suffer respiratory illness before they raced her in the race that turned out to be her last race during which she also suffered from an injury to her left hind leg requiring the van???????????
    Wasn’t that nice of them to give her a lift instead of forcing her to walk off of the track with an extremely debilitating injury to one of her legs, only to euthanize her a week later?????????
    The sadism in this industry knows no bounds.

    • May 26 race 4 horse #3. She came out of the gate, ran a short distance disappeared from the race. Only 4 ran the distance and crossed finish line. Chances are the poor horse was sick to begin with and got thru the vets.

  2. And yet Belmont kills have not made the mainstream news. Why are the 12 in Kentucky newsworthy, but the 16 at Belmont are not?

    • Good question, Teresa.
      The 12 at Churchill Downs occurred in quick succession whereas the 16 at Belmont occurred over a longer period of time. Main stream media sits up and takes notice due to the quick succession especially during the triple crown and therefore in its view it’s newsworthy. The horseracing industry is a public industry and the public has the right to know. Poor reporting by MSM when it only sees fit to report these poor horses suffering sickening heartbreaking deaths in full view of the public only when there’s a spike at a certain track in the USA e.g. Santa Anita a few years ago.

      • Excellent point, Carolyn. In horseracing, the Kentucky Derby is more popular to the masses than the Belmont Stakes. The “rapid-fire” kills in that short period of time leading up to (and including) the Derby is just as you say, newsworthy to the masses.
        Way back when the Triple Crown races were broadcast on ABC’s Wide World of Sports by analog transmission, I had no clue about racehorses being killed the way they are now. Now, I’m sure there was a lot more killing going on in those days, but it was much easier to keep it hidden from the masses back then. Back in the 1960s and ’70s I never saw a horse in the Kentucky Derby (on TV) drop dead nor sustain a disabling injury during the race or after the finish line.

        • One year, there was a horse that got a lot of attention by the news reporters broadcasting the Derby. I think he was one of the favorites if not the favorite, but he bled from the nostrils shortly after the start and faded quickly. I’m sorry I can’t recall the colt’s name or which year that was. He was a dark bay color.
          Before the race, the news reporters focused on the fact that his pony rider had traveled to be there and emphasized her ability to keep the horse calm, calmer than anyone else.

  3. And yet I have not heard a word on the Belmont killings in the mainstream news. How are they different from the 12 in Kentucky? They are not. Nor are the hundreds of deaths on every track in America.

  4. Hmmmm. My first comment did not register, so I posted another. Then they both appeared. Sorry!

  5. This is fricking pathetic, I will be calling The NY Times and Post on Monday.

  6. Get this….2 yr old Impazable Donna was VANNED OFF her very first ever race at saratoga. Isn’t that just special 🤮

    • Since you mentioned it, I see that in the chart of her first race which was in 2019. Vanned off after the finish.

  7. What the hell is a respiratory “injury?” Could this be some sort of Freudian slip?

    • I was thinking of it as their lame way of reporting/not reporting. She had pneumonia (respiratory illness) and a leg injury so it’s like they just crunched it together and put “respiratory injury” which I think is stupid, but it’s kind of the industry “standard” of making the things that happen to horses in racing sound mysterious. Honestly, I think it is their cowardly and extremely dishonest way of refusing to disclose her leg injury plus whether or not she was sick with a respiratory illness before they forced her to run. It’s so sadistic!

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