More Gruesome Details From Kentucky

The details (from the Racing Commission) on three more Kentucky kills:

Vezpa was killed at Turfway Mar 25: “This mare pulled up near 1/4 pole with injury to RF fetlock. [She] was sedated and loaded onto the ambulance. She was euthanized on the ambulance.” Couldn’t have her euthanized in full public view, right? The specific injuries:

“fetlock was open and disarticulated, sesamoidian ligaments were ruptured, [multiple, at least five] tendons torn”

And this: “This horse had RF fetlock [breakdown site] injected 16 days prior to this race.”

Goin to the Show was killed at Keeneland Apr 13: “This colt pulled up after the finish with injury to RF fetlock. Colt was sedated, a Kimzey splint applied, and he was loaded onto the ambulance. He was taken to his barn and euthanized.”

“[multiple] fractures, severe soft tissue damage”

And this: Goin had RF – breakdown site – surgery in early 2022.

Wolfe County was killed at Keeneland Apr 26: “This colt pulled up near 5/8 pole with injury to LF fetlock. Initial palpation suggested biaxial sesamoid fractures with severe injury to associated soft tissue structures. Colt was sedated, a Kimzey splint applied, and he was loaded onto the ambulance. He was taken to the barn and euthanized.”

Again, with palpation suggesting those always-fatal injuries, they didn’t euthanize then and there? Of course not. The necropsy actually revealed worse:

“LF fetlock: [multiple] fractures, [multiple] tendons torn or ruptured, [multiple] ligaments torn or ruptured” also: “acute sesamoid fracture in RF fetlock”

And this: The trainer, Ken McPeek, “noted that the horse had a bit of a puffy ankle, but that he remained sound on it and did not require much vet work overall.”

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  1. These are supposed to be “top tier” horses at a “top tier” track with their “top tier” trainers.
    So we can imagine what the horses are going through at the fair tracks out west, the ones with a $7,000 allowance race, or the horses duct taped together at tracks like mountaineer, the ones that have survived their “top tier” years and have spiraled downwards to the low claimers.

    • These heathen trainers who torture horses as their livelihood all deserve to be arrested for VIOLATING Animal Welfare Codes/Laws. Ken McPeek and the rest of them are vile, evil, rotten-to-the-core criminals who circumvent the laws.
      This whole industry literally celebrates the abuse and subsequent killing of horses by putting themselves on a pedestal; the so-called Hall of Fame for one thing. Their modus operandi of lying about everything to protect their own vile habits deceives some people.
      These heathens exploit horses as disposable gambling objects and say the opposite of what is true.
      One day, there won’t be another horse to take the place of the one they just abused, brutalized, doped, overexerted, overworked and killed.
      IF horses were crack, they’d all be crack whores. That’s how vile these people are; the horses are used up by these vile people. These people are parasitic to society as well as to the horses.

    • We don’t have to imagine it, we have experienced how the system of fair meets operates. Many things you have to see to believe! We have seen horses connected up to 12 volt batteries with some kind of electrical therapy application being applied to the front legs. We have seen horses being raced at county fairs with fetlocks as large as grapefruits! Other horses we have seen being whipping heavily on their way to the gate for no reason whatsoever!

    • Actually, top tier blue bloods are the ones who suffer from extreme fragility issues the most due to breeding protocols that focus only on speed and ignore soundness. Breakdowns in lower level racing are in large part due to abuse and neglect, not fragility of the horses themselves. Sadly, the outcome is the same, they die.

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