Another Kill at Belmont

The 3rd race at Belmont just a couple hours ago: “CHAYSENBRYN chased three then two wide coming under coaxing at the 3/8, suffered an injury to the right front nearing the 1/4 pole bumping with DOLCE SERA just prior to being expertly pulled up by the rider and had to be euthanized on track.”

Good thing she was “expertly pulled up” – as she was dying. Chaysenbryn was six years old. The complicit: owner La Marca Stable, trainer Rudy Rodriguez, and that aforementioned expert rider, Joel Rosario.

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  1. Rudy Rodriguez, one of the several “expert” 🤮 horse killers, strikes again in New York. Just more proof that the New York Racing Association doesn’t require “licensed” trainers of racehorses to be empathetic to horses in any way, shape or form. Just keep on using those horses as the four-legged gambling chips that they were bred to be for this crooked gambling game.

  2. Just curious, but are the kills at Belmont higher this year? Just because there will be no Triple Crown Winner, I still would like to put the focus on NYRA leading up to the Belmont.Stakes.

  3. And it’s only Thursday. Wonder how many others will be, um, removed from Belmont’s super-safe track this weekend — a couple? A half-dozen? With all of HISA’s wildly effective “horse safety” protocols in place, it’s kinda hard to say. But, I would think they could at least START by refusing Rudy’s entries, no?

    • Of all the horse killing trainers in New York, I don’t think one is less welcomed by the NYRA than another. If the NYRA didn’t want Rudy Rodriguez in their “camp” they could accidentally-on-purpose have a barn fire where the horses in his charge are stalled. I think R.R. is almost like a corner post of sorts in this vile, crooked gambling game.

  4. So sad for the six year old mare.In this hell hole it’s amazing she even made it to that very young age. Rose, maybe you or Marie could speak to this….I have noticed a spate of horses lately with Broken Vow as broodmare sire in these heartbreaking kill posts and lists.

  5. I found the video that NYRA deleted. The horse she bumped looked ok..her leg was a mess. No wonder they tried to hide it.

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