Details on Pair of Turfway Kills

Details (from the Racing Commission) on a pair of previously-reported Kentucky kills…

3-year-old Joy Enamorada was killed at Turfway Mar 9: “This filly pulled up near the 5/8 pole with an injury to the RF fetlock. The filly was sedated, a Kimzey splint was applied and she was loaded onto the ambulance. She was taken to the barn where radiographs were taken. After consultation, the filly was euthanized due to a poor prognosis.”

“[multiple] comminuted sesamoid fractures; severe soft tissue damage” also: “both carpi had degeneration of the bone with loss of cartilage; multifocal stomach ulceration”

3-year-old Fort Defiance was killed at Turfway Mar 17: “This colt pulled up near the 3/16 pole with a catastrophic injury. The horse was euthanized on the track due to the severe nature of his injuries and a poor prognosis.”

“[multiple] fractures, one open and comminuted; severe soft tissue damage; [multiple] ligament ruptures” also: “acute erosion and hemorrhage of the glandular mucosa”

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