Ivory Senator Confirmed Killed at Ruidoso

Ivory Senator has been confirmed (Racing Commission) dead after breaking down in the 7th at Ruidoso Sunday. The 3-year-old was one of six horses reported as “vanned off” the Ruidoso track last week, with another listed as “bled.” So surely he was not alone.

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  1. Depending on what type of INJURIES and the degree of their injuries, the vanned off horses could be dead or forced to suffer longer and shipped to slaughter.
    It’s how much the racing industry people say they love their horses though. They love their horses — that they can’t afford to keep — *so much* that if the horses are not “earning” their keep, these human connections dump their lame horses into the slaughter pipeline. Nothing says “love and responsibility” more than that in the racing industry. This is the prevailing attitude in “the horse industry” even though it is absolutely despicable!
    These creepy people need to stop breeding horses that they eventually can’t afford to keep or refuse to keep even when they *can* afford to keep them. It’s a no-brainer that not all of the horses they bring into this world are going to win races. Horses are sentient beings. They don’t deserve to be DISCARDED like trash.

    • Agree. Also, the vegan point of view, which I do emphatically share, is that breeding is exploitation of a sentient being. We don’t own their bodies nor should we in any way behave as if we do. We are solely protectors. To my mind, breeding is so wrong on many levels.

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