“Collapsed and Deemed Expired” at Tioga

This for Mach West at Tioga yesterday, in the words of the Gaming Commission: “After running in 10th race, horse returned to paddock, collapsed and deemed expired by [vets].”

“collapsed and deemed expired”

According to the chart, Mach did not finish the race, so clearly something had already started. He was but seven years old.

Then this from Remington yesterday: In addition to some “unruly” and “rank” horses, 4-year-old Game Recognize Game, said the chartwriter, was “extremely hard to load.” “Extremely.” But they “love what they do,” right?

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  1. The lies never stop. The abuse of the horses never stops. The horseracing industry insiders are very deceptive people. They pretend.
    They don’t hold themselves ACCOUNTABLE in the true sense of the word. They must be held accountable by an outside enforcement of the Animal Welfare Codes as well as their violations of the business conduct codes.
    They inject horses with illegal drugs in so many cases. They cheat. They kill horses. They lie. They hide and cover up their vast multitude of sins. They need to be continually exposed. They are “not nice” people.

  2. Everyday is Memorial Day for the fallen raced horses. This is thanks to human greed, ego and ignorance, nothing noble about it.

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