They’re Just Children

The following are chart notes from Remington, Ruidoso, and Sam Houston yesterday. Bear in mind that all of these horses are children. I don’t believe it to be anthropomorphizing when I say they all felt stress, even fear, before/during their races.

Eye Eye Indian “flipped at break”
Miss Ellens Angel “unruly in gate”
Royal Power Play “reluctant to load”
Onefamous Littlelady “bumped”
Tribute “bumped”
Its Political “bumped”
Uncork It “fractious [in] gate”
Johnny Ringo 123 “bumped”
Step N It Up “bumped”
King Apache “bumped”
Arispa Rojo “bumped”
Rustys Hero “bumped”
Jess Trick “bumped”
Famous Cartelcowgirl “fractious [in] gate”
Aj Precious Jewel “fractious [in] gate, stumbled [at] start”
Dynamic Candy “bumped”
Injeanius “bumped”
Major Valiant “hard to load, bumped”
Woo Shes On Fire “fractious [in] gate”
Queen Records “fractious [in] gate”
Arrow “bumped, squeezed”
Chiquita Bonita “bumped”
Queen of Drama “fractious [in] gate”
Jess Muy Hombre “bumped”
Rollin Candy Dynasty “bumped”
Flyn Eyes “fractious [in] gate”
Jess Mommas Boy “fractious [in] gate”
Cowboys Gun Z “fractious [in] gate”
Sol the King Reigns “bumped”
Ez Check Yes Or No “bumped”
Frontclassrunner “fractious [in] gate”
Vodka From Texas “bumped both sides”
Alafair “bumped”
Triple Special Miss “bumped both sides”
Tempting Glance “bumped, knocked sideways”
Cowboy Away “bumped hard”
Sashay N Pool “bumped hard”
Enough Reason “bumped”
Karmas Eyeing You Aw “bumped”
Sw Awesome Wild Bill “bumped”
Wicked Bogie “bumped”
Deagree “bumped”
Kartendo Fast Dash “bumped”
Thrill of Sweetness “bumped both sides”
Black Rose Queen “broke through gate, reloaded”

In addition, at least two were ambulanced off: Flyin Rabbit 123, Think On It.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Horses are naturally fearful of a lot of things. The majority of time spent with most horses is time spent keeping them from being overly afraid of something; to reassure them that they are safe if they follow your lead, your attitude, your demeanor. It’s an outright BETRAYAL of a horse’s trust to do to them what these vile pseudo-horsemen do to the horses! Their sense of self-preservation is fight or flight, so that’s where these vile people take advantage of a horse’s natural inclination of flight, except these morally depraved creeps can’t or won’t control all the variables and they don’t care anyway. THESE vile pseudo-horsemen purposely put horses in harm’s way.
    It has to be the most horrifying experience for the horses, but who (in horseracing) cares what the horse feels — not the morally depraved gambling thugs in this industry regardless of the facilities being “beautiful” or not.
    These vile pseudo-horsemen only care about their own vile objectives of winning money by exploiting the horses as disposable gambling objects in this vile industry.
    The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority consisting of both industry insiders and some outsiders is not going to change the basic evil nature of the morally depraved people who are abusing, doping and maiming horses for money in this vile industry. The killings of racehorses in this industry is not going to stop any time soon. People who are smart enough to know that they are being lied to by this vile industry need to stop supporting it.

  2. As my sister (who works with many breeds that have been dumped or used up) says, “Horses are sensory beings.” Humans demands on them is too much in many disciplines and racing is the worst evil of an animal today. Drove by some breeding farms in Santa Ynez this past weekend and all I could think is ‘what is going to happen to them…’

    • Katie,
      What will happen to them is a sad, sad thought because many of them will be overworked at too young of an age and disposed of at the end of their usefulness. That’s after selfish and sadistic people have shortened the longevity and usefulness of the horses.
      There are those people who think that a horse that isn’t being used for something is going to waste. There are those people who believe that a horse that is not slaughtered for their meat is going to waste, also. That’s the grim reality. It makes me cringe that anybody can think that way.

  3. The physical abuse of so many horses is gut wrenching, but so is the psychological abuse which can be permanently crippling. I have been trying to research PTSD in equines. It’s not called that, but to me, that is exactly what it is. For those horses who go to rescue and rehab facilities, it’s a critical piece in their recovery.

    A wonderful veterinarian and professor at Cornell, who also has a degree in ethnology, has steered me to some recent studies on the subject, but wow, there isn’t a lot out there. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence (anyone who has ever worked at a rescue can attest to that), but I’m looking for science based research. Hard to find. Wonder why.

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