The Gruesome Details on Three Kentucky Kills

Details (from the Racing Commission) on three already-reported Kentucky deaths.

5-year-old Caramelito, killed at Turfway Feb 10: “severe, extensive tearing of the superficial digital flexor tendon, with rupture of the tendon near the level of fetlock joint; distal portion of ligament was severely torn, with extensive fibrillation and fraying of fibers.” Also: “previous pulmonary hemorrhage; subacute hepatitis; gastritis.”

4-year-old Petit Verdot, killed at Turfway Feb 17: “complete fracture of the scapula, with comminuted fractures of the glenoid, and a fracture line that extended proximally to the spine of the scapula.” It was also noted that “postmortem preservation was poor,” so other organs were not able to be properly examined.

5-year-old Master of the Ring, killed at Keeneland Apr 19: “complete disarticulation of the radiocarpal joint, with tearing of both branches of the medial collateral ligament, the palmar radiocarpal ligaments and the flexor retinaculum; comminuted fractures of the palmar aspect of the radius, with comminuted fractures of the radial, intermediate and ulnar carpal bones.” Also: “extensive stomach ulceration; subacute hepatitis.”

(video of Master’s death here)

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  1. The findings on these necropsies are irrefutable evidence of the suffering horses endure day in and day out before their bones are smashed, their ligaments and tendons destroyed and their sad short lives ended.
    There is no excuse not to mention justification for such abject cruelty. This is wrong.

  2. This is heartbreaking beyond… When I was a young child my parents and grandparents had to stop allowing me to watch the tv show Lassie,would send me to tears when Lassie would get into dangerous predicaments, I would get so upset. I also drove them all crazy taking me to zoos so frequently. My point is,I was born an animal lover from the word “Go”. That’s why hearing about these everyday ATROCITIES done to beautiful horses,is beyond SICK. Free these horses from systematic torture and inevitable painful deaths!

  3. The killings of these horses was treacherous abuse! Only morally depraved people seeking “fame and fortune” even when the fame is only 5 minutes of glory in the winner’s circle one time could do this to any horse.
    This was absolutely ABUSE to treat these horses in this way! The fact that this industry treats horses as machine-like gambling objects (instead of as the sentient beings that they are) is grounds for legal action against these greedy horse abusers, horse dopers and horse killers.
    These horses didn’t deserve to be treated this way for anyone or anything.
    The killings of these horses and the thousands of other horses killed by the racing industry people prove that horseracing is horse killing.
    There is no valid reason to continue to let this abuse and brutality against horses go unchecked. I’m looking forward to the day when Churchill Downs Inc. goes belly up. These modern day barbarians deserve to be severely punished for their crimes against horses and the corruption they engage in on a daily basis.

  4. It’s so sad to hear about the terrible deaths of these beautiful horses. For no good reason

  5. These horses never ever deserved to be treated in this inhumane fashion. The horse racing is barbaric beyond belief and for everyone of their lives lost the god damn owner and trainer should be jailed for this abuse. These humans will do what-ever and for what-ever cost to any animal just to have their god damn mug shots in a win picture. The only pictures should be of them when they are all arrested for this horrible animal abuse. This abuse will never ever end until the politicians and law makers get on the same page as all of the rest of us. Stop this horrible animal abuse and shut down these god damn race tracks.

  6. the abuse, suffering, and deaths of these horses is too gruesome and should never happen. Horseracing must end!

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