Carolina Mia Killed at Golden Gate Today

In the 2nd at Golden Gate today, Carolina Mia, says the chart, “was injured near the eighth pole and had to be vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed, she is dead – euthanized for her injuries. Carolina was six years old; ’twas her 29th time under the whip.

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  1. Out in twitter verse,they are pleading to save Take Charge Lady, they say she’s being loaded onto a tractor trailer for the slaughterhouse. Tractor trailer in hillbilly state of Tennessee 🤮🤮

    • Why is she not at Old Friends? Holy smoke. She’d be most welcome there. These effin owners and connections. How do they sleep at night?

  2. In case any of you don’t know, she is the most hailed blue hen broodmare of all time.

    • Bonnie, thanks for reporting on that atrocity. Take Charge Lady. I fervently hope she gets saved because thousands are not.

      • Yes Martha…like how they pounded Leslie’s Lady into the ground with NoN stop pregnancies and birthing. The greed of this industry….then toss them out when not useful anymore. It’s just only about what blood can you sacrifice for us(the industry).The sickest part is the females have it soooooo much harder than stallions just spreading their gunk. As if we need more unwanted horses.Can’t find safe homes for ones already here.That really tells you all you need to know about morality of these evil chucklef**ks.

    • Yeah, it really is. They’re just having a much more difficult time covering up “who they are” thanks to Horseracing Wrongs and an informed public:)

  3. Fun Facts about poor Carolina Mia:
    She had the same connections (owners Ruben and/or Margarito Arechiga, trainer Felix Rondan) throughout her so-called career. These people spent three years solid running her throughout the super-safe state of California — and six months ago had offered her for $100k, with no takers. BUT, in today’s Death Race, her claiming value had dropped to $32k.
    (Think the Arechigas were eager to get rid of her? So do I.)
    And, since her horror-show breakdown took place amid a whopping FOUR-horse field, there was plenty of space available for them to express their (heartfelt) grief over the (traumatic) loss of their (much-loved) beautiful, meal-ticket mare.

  4. You think they aren’t sick about what happened and didn’t love her ??????

    • Actions speak louder than words, Detached Observer. If you stopped being “detached” and could see through the false front put up by the human participants, you could have a more informed perspective of the suffering inflicted upon horses intentionally by the human participants. All of the daily routine cruelty and abuse inflicted on horses by these pseudo-horsemen/ pseudo-horsewomen is INTENTIONAL.

      Who in this industry doesn’t know enough about horses to know what injuries are specific to horses being exploited for racing?
      The veterinary “community” knows EXACTLY what types of injuries are specific to forcing horses to GALLOP at TOP SPEED while carrying OVER 100 pounds on their backs.
      The forcing of young and underdeveloped colts and fillies to GALLOP carrying extra weight on their backs is ABUSE in itself. These dreadful human beings force underdeveloped colts and fillies to perform as though they were fully matured when they are clearly not matured horses!
      This cruelty is forced onto these UNDERDEVELOPED COLTS AND FILLIES on a daily basis; this is cruelty beyond anything that would be acceptable in the conscience of anyone practicing TRUE HORSEMANSHIP.
      The completely abnormal practice of tying their tongues is unacceptable cruelty to horses also. In so many horses, their tongues are hanging out the side of their mouth. This is animal CRUELTY.

      This common sense, common logic and common knowledge is so basic that there is no valid reason to dismiss this ‘unacceptable cruelty to horses’ as anything less than ‘unacceptable cruelty to horses’ and you don’t have to be a “rocket scientist” to comprehend it.

      • Ok , step up and pay for the care of just one of the horses that you proclaim to save . Actions speak louder than words !!!!!

        • Dear Detached Observer,

          Why would anyone outside of horseracing need to pay for the care of a horse owned by someone whom you claim “loves” their horse???

          This sounds like an indirect admission by yourself that no person who owns racehorses TRULY loves their horse/ horses, including the owners of the now-killed-by-racing CAROLINA MIA.

    • Detached Observer, they loved what the horse, CAROLINA MIA, could do for them. They did not love her as a sentient being with specific needs. They did not love her for what they could do for her.
      They demanded that she make them “happy” and they killed her in the process. This is the routine INHUMANE TREATMENT of horses that is inherent to horse racing, so please don’t delude yourself that they actually cared about the horse. If someone else has claimed her and she would have broken down catastrophically for another owner/trainer combo, do you think these people who killed her by racing her to death would be “heartbroken”? It’s very probable that they would have thought something like, “Hahahaha! Suckers!” because the financial loss would have been on someone else.

  5. All these horses would die in the wild if there was no racing and you wouldn’t do a thing about it

    • Racing is bad for the horses and that is a fact. You can deny the facts all day long but the facts are still the facts.
      Racehorses that are UNWANTED by their “loving” owners are not dumped into the wild; they are dumped into the slaughter pipeline and the ones that are not rescued out of the slaughter pipeline get shipped to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada.
      So you see, if the horses that survive the abuse and brutality of racing are not killed by untraceable drugs administered (by their “loving” owners/trainers) and not abandoned by their owners, they are sold to killbuyers and meatpackers. So yes, the horses die but not in the wild.

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