A Kill at Monticello

In keeping with its recent history, the NYS Gaming Commission has belatedly disclosed a death. American Boy N, says the “report,” “was discovered with comminuted fracture in [his] stall” at Monticello Apr 29 and subsequently euthanized. He was 12 years old. Which goes to underscore again that while Standardbreds do not break down with the same frequency as their Thoroughbred/Quarterhorse cousins, their length of servitude – and thus physical and mental abuse – is typically far longer. That poor boy.

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  1. Does the New York State Gaming Commission think that people are so dumb enough to think that this was not a racing injury? Do these Commissioners really believe that people are so stupid that they are incapable of connecting the dots? Here we go with more “pretending” that horses just mysteriously get injured on their own.

  2. Discovered in his stall with a fracture – like his human exploiters had nothing to do with it. This begs the question: how long did this poor horse suffer with the fracture before he was “discovered”?

  3. American Boy N, our hearts break for you but that’s not good enough. You likely spent about 11 of your 12 years in misery. Nobody even bothered to report your death, likely after days of agony (or longer), for almost 3 weeks. You didn’t matter to them. These reports make me realize I have to push harder to speak out for you and for others who are still alive and who might be saved from this miserable life.

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