The Missing Injured in Kentucky

Having already done this for California and NY, today I give you horses “vanned off” Kentucky tracks since Jan 1, 2020 – and who have not been heard from since. (Please note: for the bleeders, we’re talking pulmonary hemorrhage.)

Magic Star, Jun 14 (2020), Churchill
Smart Arch, Jul 3, Ellis
Little Guac, Jul 4, Ellis
Break Even, Sep 2, Churchill
Dynacharge, Sep 5, Churchill
Claudette Nonstop, Sep 16, Kentucky Downs
Romantic Pursuit, Nov 1, Churchill
Laughing Levi, Nov 4, Churchill
Kaziranga, Nov 27, Churchill
Strike Now, Dec 19, Turfway (not reported as vanned, but “bled”)
Alpha Boy, Mar 25 (2021), Turfway
First Date, Jun 5, Churchill
Poirier, Jun 18, Churchill
Excelerita, Aug 6, Ellis
Intuicao, Aug 8, Ellis
Enjoyitwhilewecan, Oct 13, Keeneland
Jillian’s Star, Oct 17, Keeneland
Urbanite, Oct 28, Keeneland
Miss Pinkerton, Dec 2, Turfway
Jackpot Winner, Dec 10, Turfway
Bench, Dec 12, Turfway (not reported as vanned, but “bled”)
Hot N Sweet, Jan 15 (2022), Turfway (not reported as vanned, but “bled”)
Temper Mint Twist, Jan 15, Turfway
Go Manny Go, Mar 9, Turfway
Wildcat Run, Mar 17, Turfway
Destined for Honor, Mar 19, Turfway
Keepthe Main Thing, Mar 24, Turfway (not reported as vanned, but “bled”)
Optigogo, Apr 2, Turfway
Surf Ballroom, Apr 13, Keeneland
Frolic More, Apr 15, Keeneland
Abscond, May 7, Churchill (not reported as vanned, but “bled”)
Bitter Vixen, Jun 9, Churchill (not reported as vanned, but “bled”)
Imogene Malvina, Jun 18, Churchill
Blazing Summer, Jul 9, Ellis
Corvina, Jul 15, Ellis
Cabana Time, Jul 23, Ellis (not reported as vanned, but “bled”)
Old Hickory, Jul 24, Ellis
La Shark, Aug 26, Ellis
Peace Achieved, Sep 1, Kentucky Downs
Roaring Gap, Sep 3, Kentucky Downs
California Express, Sep 15, Churchill
Martini’nmoonshine, Oct 12, Keeneland
Sha Girl, Oct 15, Keeneland
Western River, Nov 2, Churchill
Domestic Spending, Nov 5, Keeneland
Epicenter, Nov 5, Keeneland
Mariah’s Princess, Nov 19, Churchill
Twentytwenty Hoax, Nov 25, Churchill
Acrimony, Nov 30, Turfway
Fashion Munny, Dec 2, Turfway
Myuddermamasapaint, Dec 21, Turfway
Elvis Just Elvis, Dec 22, Turfway

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  1. DOMESTIC SPENDING was said to be “happy to be back at the farm” after being treated for a pelvic fracture (or was there more than one fracture in his pelvis?) at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky for several weeks. I have not seen any reports showing him actually being alive. I think if this Grade One level Gelding were actually alive, it would be appropriate to have some type of a public tour of the facilities. For example, groups of 4-H students and FFA students could have the opportunity to see this Gelding on a field trip at the farm where he is allegedly happy at. Also, field trip tours of the Roof & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky would have been appropriate and still could be appropriate, in my opinion. Why not, because this is an educational opportunity of a surgery and treatment that is not done very often. I am still wondering just how “successful” this surgery and treatment of DOMESTIC SPENDING actually was. When the trainer said the horse is “happy” to be back at the farm, did the trainer really mean deceased?

    • Bleeders’ Cup officials are happy to drop the subject of Domestic Spending, as if he never existed. And, really, who in the super-credible racing press is gonna dare question his stated outcome?

      • Since these horses are not viable as gambling objects, the racing press seems to view them as no longer significant. Sweep the horrific cruelty and killing under the rug and let’s talk about the so-called rivals in the next race. This is horseracing.

  2. These lists are always intriguing because they give those responsible for MIA racehorses a chance to jump in and clarify their horses’ whereabouts — but how many do? If my horse popped up on this or a similar list, I’d be eager to help readers understand his circumstances. (Then again, I’m not a cog in the greed-fueled assembly line of misery and suffering that those in racing choose to be.)
    Still, a couple of these animals *might* be alive and well…but the folks in Kentucky racing know as well as we do how quickly that can change for the vast majority of their equine victims…
    So their MISSING nearly always stay that way.


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