A PR Nightmare at Parx Today

Kadens Courage in the 1st race at Parx today, as told by the chartwriter: “clipped heels and fell at the top of the stretch causing a catastrophic injury, was subsequently euthanized.” Kadens was 7 years old, and this was his 64th – 64th – time under the whip. He was also “For Sale” ( for a mere $5,000) right before he was killed.

Three races later, this happened:

“MAXIM MOMENT fell over a fallen rival… BUCKS ARE MOVING fell over a fallen rival… POLAR WIND collided with a fallen rival and fell… DIXIE’S TWO STENTS fell over a fallen rival… MIDLANER stumbled badly and fell causing a chain reaction…”

That’s five downed horses. Early word is that all survived, but we’ll see…

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  1. Colliding with and falling over another horse while running at full speed has to do intense damage to the horse’s body, not to mention the mental trauma of the accident – I wonder how many of these horses will get a REAL vet check before being sent out again.

    • What timing for these atrocities to happen during the week leading up to the Kentucky Derby. The chartwriter(s) will have a bit of a challenge to pass this off as “nothing to get shook up about” even though the most die-hard horse-killers will probably laugh about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some horrible low-life thinks it’s funny. I wonder if there was a veterinarian passing Performance Enhancing Drugs off and this was part of the consequences of illegal doping. These unacceptable INJURIES to racehorses are definitely a consequence of racing.

  2. Well, it would be a public relations nightmare for any REAL sport. But since this is thoroughbred racing — and all the fine, upstanding racing creeps at Parx are fiercely protected by the super-journalists of the national racing press — today is just another day for them.
    Of course, the “regulators” at HISA (the obscenely-named Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority) might have to do some extra dancing around all these kills…
    But they’ll manage just fine; Corporate Damage Control is their specialty.
    (Hooray for you, HISA! Now carry on with your Inaugural Derby Death Week.)

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